Sunday, 18 November 2012

Where do I begin . . . . (again)

I am SLOWLY Getting back into the painting again, after a long slog with family problems, ill health and other "real world" hassles.
But I simply cannot decide WHAT to start with!??!?! 
OK, here is a question for you folks - what should I paint, as an attempt to ease myself back into things I'm starting with a Character first. 
  • The Butler (painted as an Automaton)
  • The Butler (painted as a living person)
  • Professor Erasmus
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Reaper Deathlight
  • Gallows Hag
  • Circ du Noir Man Ape (Top Hat)
  • Circ du Noir Man Ape (Bowler Hat)
  • Lady Luck
  • Mr Chop, Demon Butcher 
I am a little stuck for inspiration (plus I look at all my "stuff" and feel somewhat overwhelmed) so any "prods" in the right direction will be muchly appreciated!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

At Long Last!

Life and hassles have stifled my creativity for some time, but at last we have something new for Empire of the Dead to look forward too!

Though not out just yet, we have some new models on the Horizon!

New for the Brotherhood, Monks with Guns - WADAAAA . . . . BANG!

Queen Victoria herself for Empire of the Dead!!

Last (but most DEFINITELY) not least, Victorian Police officers. Apparently, there are lots more of these to come, such as Officers armed with pistols and shotguns - AND some "steampunky" Bobbies too!


Friday, 14 September 2012

Horrible Month

It's been a horrible month, Health issues (long story - I shan't go into it here) - and I over committed myself to painting stuff for other people - which left me not only with less time for my OWN hobby, but sucked the fun out of my Victorian gaming!

One, easy to paint Jack the Ripper miniature was very lax on my part.

My health is better, and I'm seeing the "light at the end of the tunnel" with other things as well.


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

New Releases . . . . .

I just asked about when can we expect the new Miniatures for Empire of the Dead, the London Bobbies, 
 Inspector Lestrade etc on the official West Wind Forum - as we know they're "out there" as someone has posted Painted Pictures on the Lead Adventure Forum!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Tonight another Girl must Die, so Jack may have his Kidney Pie . . . .

Didn't sleep too well last night, and woke up REALLY early - so I knocked this chap out in around an hour before everyone else woke up (I probably shouldn't have varnished him yet, but it seems OK). Design 28's Jack the Ripper (from their Jack the Ripper set) -

The features of the whole Design 28 Range are a little exaggerated (this guy has a REALLY huge nose) - but I'm OK with the "Cartoony" look, so its not really an issue for me (though I can imagine some folks hating it).

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Slowly But Surely!

Now I am down to just one commission, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Both Mr Chop and the Reaper Deathlight seem to have been "half- done" for ages. I can see a point where both will get finished, and I can FINALLY make a start on by Terrain.

I've got to "pull my finger out" with the additional stuff I have now brought for my EotD Games!

Chronoscope - Edward Titchener, British Officer, Sherlock Holmes & Dr Watson, Van Helsing, Jack the Ripper.

Vampire Wars - London Civilians, London Gentlemen, Hanson Cab, London Mob, London Bobbies, Harlots, Victims, Zendarian Troopers with Pistols (I can’t find mine), Vampire Count/Slayer Packs 1 & 2.

Malifaux - Victorian Lamp-posts and Basing Kits (two of each).

Design 28 Miniatures -  Victorian Gentlemen, the Jack the Ripper set, and the Vampyre hunters (because I like the Blunderbusses LoL)



Friday, 27 July 2012

Warbases Buildings

My Warbases buildings I ordered for Empire of the Dead arrived!

I've checked everything, it's all present and correct - they're quite lovely really.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Painting, Painting, Painting . . . . .

Finished two more Miniatures for that other guy last night, and did a little more work on my Reaper Deathlight.

I also made a good start on "Mr Chop" - I've done mine as a big red demon!

Pictures ASAP!

Smog 1888

I have Smog 1888 . . . . . . .

It's scarily good, it's like Empire of the Dead in 54mm scale!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Patriotic Feet!

My New Daps! 
No-One can accuse me of not being patriotic LoL!

Painting, Painting, Painting . . . . .

Managed to get a little work done on my Reaper Deathlight last night, whilst carrying on with my current Commission work.

Why is it when you have LOADS to do, there never seems to be enough hours in the day - but when you have nothing to do, there seems to be too many hours in the day LoL!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Empire of the Dead and Carnevale

I've quite taken to Carnevale, and whilst it might not to be everyone's tastes, and to be utterly frank - one of the things that attracted me to the game are the miniatures I might use with Empire of the Dead - in particular the Morgue Doctor and "Being".

But the usefulness of the Carnevale Range for Empire of the Dead doesn't stop there either, the Ospitale Madmen are of use for Minions in some Insane Gentlemen's Club based around the inmates of an Asylum.

Another Carnevale Miniature which is useful, is the Ospitale Warden - which not only is reminiscent of the Orderlies in the Asylum scenes of Coppola's Dracula, but they also have a creepy Silent Hill vibe to them.

Of course with Empire of the Dead awakening my taste for Horror gaming, buying these Carnevale Miniatures has led me to take more of an interest in the game itself.

The rules and the system is nice and simple, so let me give you a quick breakdown -

D10 rolls with alternate activation, each models activated individually - and models have a number of actions they can do in a turn, but must use all their actions when activated.

Stats are dice pools which tell you how many D10 to roll, and one dice is specified as a destiny dice and is used to work out criticals/fumbles. The target number is 7 or an opposing Stat (whichever is higher) and you have to equal or surpass it. Each success is an "Ace" - the number of "Ace"s is used to calculate whether you have succeeded or not.

You also have Karma (which should really be called luck, as the use of the term "Karma" is REALLY misleading as the only way apart from scenario objectives, you can get it back is by killing things – not at all the normal use of the word. This allows you to do special stuff like add extra dice to rolls. When you use your "Karma" is really important, as you can spend it quickly but it replenishes very slowly. It's really useful though, as it can easily make the difference between being FUBAR and barely wounded!

Although none of the rules are anything really new (I've seen similar and/or the same sort of Rules in loads of RPG's and Miniatures games) they are clearly presented and make sense.

If you fancy taking on yet another Horror Game - Carnevale is a good choice, the fluff is refreshing and compelling, and it's easy to play.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Painting, Painting . . . . .

You might have noticed I've not been updating my Painting as of late, its not because I've lost interest - but rather because I'm painting some miniatures for someone else at the moment (unfortunately not Horror themed) - but normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

Monday, 16 July 2012

I've Started, so I'll Finish . . . . .

I've now ordered some Warbases Buildings for my Empire of the Dead setup - 4 Terraced House pairs, 4 Mansard Roof Houses, a Pub ("The Ten Bells" He, He, He . . . ), and a Shop - should be enough to get me started I reckon!

I've also ordered three of these to represent my cobbled streets (I'm only doing a 3ft square table to begin with, space being the biggest issue) -

The Big Haul

Everything arrived today, so I now have a spare Rulebook (my first copy is already looking a little worn Lol) a spare set of Gentlemen, and another Professor Erazmus (for conversion purposes).


Thursday, 12 July 2012

Physician Unknown

My friend Jose found this and posted it in The Darkfire Club (the EotD Facebook Group) - and I find it wildly appropriate!

Shame it's David Tennant's likeness though! He, He, He . . . . .

If the Artist had made the "Physicians" glasses look more "Victorian" it would have been just perfect - and I LOVE the fact the Time Machine looks like a Victorian Street Urinal . . . . .

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Empire of the Dead Basing

Started working on my new Cobble bases specifically for Empire of the Dead last night, basically rather than cast endless variations - I've done two bases with cobbles, and two different pavement sections that can be glued on top.

I started my usual way, with a disc of plasticard, putty on top, sculpted the cobbles individually, then finished them with sandpaper/files/blades etc.

However this time I went one stage further, I used my dremmel to "rough up" in between the cobbles, so they look more worn and used - there are resin cobble bases available but they look to clean and regular for me, plus they lie a little too "flat" in the top of the base and not one has pavements on the bases either!

Tonight I plan on doing the 40mm version, though I haven't decided on whether to do a pavement overlay or not.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Loads of people buy resin bases for their miniatures nowadays, and whilst buying resin bases is nice and easy, you can lack variety - and with the ease of availability of products like "Instant Mold" its becoming increasingly easy to create your own.

Create a "disc" of card (or plasticard) that fits the top of your base, add your "detail" (either from a basing kit, or in this instance I created my own using simple sculpting techniques - and finished the set product with a selection of files and a scalpel) - if you create a "textured base" make sure it has plenty of time to dry/set and that it's been sealed with PVA (thats also been left to dry properly, at least 24 hours) - warm up your Instant Mold and take your impression of your creation (I always do at least two of each master for ease of production).

Press in your putty of choice, I use Milliput with Greenstuff mixed in - this makes it less brittle than using just straight Milliput - but unlike using all Greenstuff is better for basing/sanding/drilling/pinning etc - when mostly set, I turn them out of the mold and make sure they're nice and flat. Then mix more putty and start on the next lot

The "toppers" I've been working on could double as small flagstones or large cobblestones (users choice - they will work for Empire of the Dead, Carnevale, or more Modern Games like 7TV or Pulp City) - in this picture I have my latest "batch" setting.

(sorry about my Camera-Fu, it's weak at best).

I hope this gives folks some inspiration to create their own.

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Sorry I haven't been very "bloggy" today, I've had loads of "real world" stuff to do (and not felt very well into the bargain).

On the plus side, I found a missing London Bobby though (so I'm back up to 9 now LoL)

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Painting, Painting . . . . .

I'm hoping to crack on with my Reaper Deathlight today, but I have to confess - both Cedric Hyde and the Circ du Noir Man Ape are calling out "Paint Me, Paint Me" at the top of their Lungs LoL!

Friday, 6 July 2012


I've FINALLY managed to save my Pennies for the big (Number 4) Empire of the Dead Deal!

NOT ONLY do I have the following items coming - another Empire of the Dead Rulebook (this is the first game in ages where I've wanted a spare rulebook to "keep nice"), another Limited Edition Professor Erazmus (I have a plan for a conversion of him), the Free Limited Edition Butler (that deserves yet ANOTHER WOOT!) - the deal also includes The Gentlemen's Club Starter Set, The Vampire Clan Starter Set, The Werewolf Pack Starter Set, AND The Brotherhood Starter Set!!

In addition I've got the Victorian Zombies Set coming!


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Slayer Society

Jonathan Harker 

As one of the most trusted of the Surviving original Slayers, Jonathan has risen to be second only to Johann in command. After assisting Van Helsing during the first Count Dracula caper, Jonathan Harker trained with the Holy Orders and then returned to Eastern Europe to hopefully finish off the on-going Vampire threat there once and for all. With the discovery of Infernium, Harker returned to London and the Slayer Society – knowing he would be needed there.
Jonathan Harker (Vice President) – 15 Shillings

Blunderbuss – 6 Shillings
Stake – 2 Shillings

Total - 23 Shillings

So, as far as playing games goes (at least to begin with) thats the Slayer Society finished - of course I will need to paint a few more members to replace casualties or represent new-recruits (but I have those 'in mind' already).

So here is a Group Shot!

Next - some of the wonderful Characters from Gentlemen & Jackanapes!

A Good Day!

Finished Harker last night, so I was (understandably as hes the last member of The Slayer Society done - for now at least) in a pretty sound mood.

Then, I get home for Lunch, to find my Army Painter Mega Paint Set Arrived! (ALL my paints needed topping up, and it never hurts to have extra brushes).

All in all a good day so far!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Horrible Night

I have had a HORRIBLE "Lack of Hobby Night" tonight, everything has conspired against me LoL!

Oh well, such is life!

Gallows Hag

This Lunchtime I have mostly been cleaning up and basing a Gallows Hag!

It's even better "in the flesh"!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Bat Form Vampire

This pictures been around for a while, but I thought it was such a cool picture I thought I would post it anyway!

Keeping On, Keeping On . . . . .

Cracked on for a while with Harker last night, couldn't really get into it properly.

Not too sure of the colours I've chosen though LoL!

Hoping to finish him today if I get the chance.

Friday, 29 June 2012

There is Nothing Steampunk Cannot Make More Awesome . . . . . .

He, He, He . . . . .

The Escaped Lunatic

YET ANOTHER fantastic Empire of the Dead Concept picture - the Escaped Lunatic!

Jade Dragon

Ooooooh - 'Jade Dragon', a Chinese Assassin Character for Empire of the Dead . . . . . . 

What the Future Brings!

Someone asked my what I'm planning on doing after finishing the Slayer Society to the point its painted and playable!

After I've finished Harker I'm thinking maybe a couple of additional Regular Members - "Bettie the Vampire Slayer", Mina Harker, and Francois DuPont (a French Artist turned Slayer)

Carry on re-painting my Vampire Wars miniatures to do some more Factions - in between painting the new EotD Characters - plus working up a Mob.

THEN start on my "Torchwood 1888" idea, and start painting the new EotD Faction Miniatures.

(and all that whilst hopefully building terrain)

So LOADS to do!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Johann Van Helsing (Society President)

Johann Van Helsing is Dr. Abraham Van Helsing’s adopted son. He was left on Abraham’s doorstep one night, and the secretive vampire hunter could find no one to take the child. Though he tried to keep his affairs with the Slayers private, Johann was an inquisitive boy and eventually joined the cause. Abraham saw to his training himself and apprenticed him to the Brotherhood to further refine his skills.

I tried really REALLY hard to get the eyes "just right" but a combination of the face actually being slanted (only having one of these I can't tell if its a casting error, upon saying that I have to admit both sets of claws were miscast and they've been re-built using plasticard) and the bloody brim of the hat means I was stuck with what I could achieve. But on the table the brim of his hat covers the upper part of his face - so I needn't have bothered really.

Johann Van Helsing (Society President) – 20 Shillings

Slayer Claws (Counts as being armed with two Swords) – 6 Shillings
Gas-Powered Repeating Crossbow (Counts as a Man-Portable Gatling Gun) - 15 Shillings
Stake – 2 Shillings

Total Cost - 43 Shillings

Only Harker to do now!

Mr. Ashley A. Ashcroft - Regular Slayer Society Member

Mr. Ashley A. Ashcroft (before you mock, its a real name of someone I know LoL) - was a well respected Architect, his house and garden designs were renowned throughout England and Wales.

One day he was called upon to renovate a very old building, when he and his work team were examining the foundations in the cellar - one of his labourers was attacked, he died quickly after having his throat horribly torn out.

It wasn't long before Ashcroft came face to face with the Vampire that had been trapped down there, feral and decrepit Ashcroft faced the terror and killed it in spite of his workers fleeing in terror. Harker, hearing of Ashcrofts encounter (and his apparent natural talent for killing Vampires) quickly recruited him into the Ranks of the Slayer Society.

"He'll do" seems to be my constant remark about my own Painting, but this bugger was troublesome. I simply COULDN'T get him finished - I had a bad mental block over him. Still my "core" Regular Members are done - everything is gravy from now on.

Mr. Ashley A. Ashcroft (Regular Member) – 10 Shillings

Light Pistol – 5 Shillings
Knife – 1 Shilling

Total – 16 Shillings

The Slayers Society Update!


Just Harker to paint now for my "Slayers Society".


Pictures later!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Whitechapel 1888 Gaming Environment - Stoelzel's Structures

Got an Email off Carl (Stoelzel's Structures) - if you remember I posted under the title Whitechapel 1888 Gaming Environment "What I personally want to do is a tight and compressed environment, something like Millers Court (where the Rippers last victim Mary Jane Kelly was found) - a literal warren of flop houses and alleyways. "

Carl's response - "ONE WEEK.  I hear ya, and  I'm already a week and half into it, and it is coming quickly, thus far 180 pages of modular goodness,  I only ask you wait ONE WEEK.


I swear, it's like that man can read my Mind!

The Collection Continues

More for the Collection!

I Had some more Vampire Wars Bits arrive today - Jack the Ripper (my original one vanished without a trace), & some London Thugs!


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Whitechapel 1888 Gaming Environment

As my "obsession" with Empire of the Dead grows - I've been seriously thinking about terrain.

I can do (like most gamers can) ruins and country-side table layouts. But I'm now looking to doing some London Streets - HOWEVER I personally do not want open spaces, posh streets, housing estates, mills, or any of that sort of layout (I'm sorry to those who do - I mean no offense, but I personally think battles with supernatural creatures simply would not happen out in the "open").

What I personally want to do is a tight and compressed environment, something like Millers Court (where the Rippers last victim Mary Jane Kelly was found) - a literal warren of flop houses and alleyways.

Almost like a Space Hulk Board really. I envisage it to be a 3'X3' ground level setup. Hopefully with some interior detail - some dwellings, maybe some abandoned buildings, a warehouse - I'm sure you know the general thing.

It looks like its out with the Depron Sheet and on with the Elbow Grease LoL!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Empire of the Dead - Printer Friendly Faction Roster Sheet

For those of you who don't like wasting Ink - a Printer Friendly Empire of the Dead Faction Roster Sheet!

Printer Friendly Empire of the Dead Faction Roster Sheet

Special Guest Stars

People love Special Characters, no matter what game they play - I'm a sucker for them myself. Even MORE SO with Empire of the Dead. These astonishing Men and Women (well, Woman) - are available for you to hire from time to time - here is a rough breakdown of what we have to play with (so far).

You can find the rules for these Characters here - Gentlemen & Jackanapes

"Professor Erazmus" - the Special Edition Miniature that comes with the Rulebook. There are few inventions that cannot be traced in some way back to the brilliance of Professor Erazmus.  An expert in manipulating Infernium it is no surprise that Factions of all hues will stop at nothing to secure his services or prevent his knowledge falling into the hands of their enemies.  The Professor has dedicated his life to the study of the occult and the mythical creatures of the world.  Having gained a knowledge and understanding of these horrors, he has vowed to employ this knowledge in the protection of his fellow man. Though he abhors violence he will defend himself if necessary. Useful no matter who hires him, Erazmus is neutral in a alignment - mostly down the the character background I would imagine.

The "Gallows Hag" - Hanged a century ago for the crime of witchcraft.  She now stalks the streets of London again seeking vengeance on the living by dragging them to the gates of Hell at the end of her noosed rope.  Once entangled few can escape the long painful road to damnation that she desires for all blessed with life. She's neutral, so any Faction can take her (oops). A nice chance to add something "spooky" to your faction.

The "Reaper Deathlight" - one of the theories about "Infernium" the magical element that makes everything work, is that its fossilized "Angels Blood" (I love this background LoL) When angels fall, remnants of their shattered souls remain bound to the earth. Trapped between the mortal and ethereal they must sustain their existence by capturing the souls of mortals as they expire. Fueled by this energy their power and corporeal form grows, alongside an ever increasing hunger. Locked in an addictive spiral, a Reaper becomes the very image of death, helping speed the passing of many a poor individual. Mankind has learned to fear these spectral beings as harbingers of death reaping the souls of the innocent and guilty alike. Once again neutral (Death is indiscriminate) and a really cool and creepy model.

"Lady Luck" - This anonymous (one would imagine "Suffragette") very independent woman haunts the underworld of "Empire of the Dead" as an Assassin and Bounty Hunter. Throughout the dark and closeted back-rooms of London, stories abound of her murderous exploits and ability to evade any trap, no matter how well set. However to the poor unfortunates of London’s rookeries, Lady Luck is a beneficent angel ministering to their needs.  Another (very interesting) and neutral character,

"Cedric Hyde" - Yes, you read right - this guy is the illegitimate Son of Mister Hyde. Another neutral character - though the offspring of the infamous beast and a destitute lady of the night, Cedric Hyde is actually an innocent that is easily misled but has a temper that would put fear in the heart of the Devil himself.  He combines the strength and temper of his father with the vulnerability of the sad child that he really is. Cedric is capable of feats of great strength and though unpredictable, Cedric can help a faction achieve great success.

"Mr Chop" - this is actually the only miniature in the whole range so far I'm not that keen on. He looks "out of place" to be frank. UPON SAYING THAT he is a demon from the seventh gate of Hell who likes nothing better than to feast on the flayed souls of those most evil sinners condemned to the fiery pits of his lair. Only the desperate will attempt to bind Mr. Chop to their cause - and yes, he's Evil!

The "Cirque du Noir Man Ape" - I FRACKING LOVE THIS MINIATURE. Anyone who's familiar with ANY version of "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" (whether the original Story, or from the 1932 Movie) or "The Island Doctor Moreau" of  will "get"the origins of this guy. Although this follows the 1932 Movie more than the Book, as its a Gorilla not an Orangutan - he is the creation of "Doctor Moreaux" - Trapped between man and animal in a body corrupted by the foul Infernium experiments of Dr Moreaux, crowds used to flock to see the gorilla possessed of a human intellect. Treated as a freak by society, having escaped the Cirque, he now roams Europe hiring out his services. Another neutral character, for all factions to take advantage of.

"Jack the Ripper" - Linda and I are self confessed "Ripperaholics" - we can't get enough on the whole circus that was Jack the Ripper. The writers have given him a more accessible "slant" - so the character is more durable in game terms. Centuries ago he was a learned man who discovered a way to perpetuate his life, although at a gruesome cost. In a grisly arcane ritual he discovered a way to replace his own organs with ones harvested from those around him.  Now he prolongs his life through the grisly visceration of strangers and what better place to practice this than in London, the greatest city in the world. He has a PARTICULARLY useful "Unusual Occurrence" making him VERY slippery indeed. Without saying, Jack is (of course) Evil.

There isn't a new sculpt for Jack, but any suitable Miniature would do - West Wind (of course) do a VERY nice one).

Last (but not least) we have -

"Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson" - The world’s one and only consulting detective (and perhaps my favourite literary characters of all time), Sherlock Holmes, and his loyal friend and chronicler Dr John Watson, are available to provide their services to right wrongs and bring the guilty to justice.  Using his vast intellect, Holmes applies himself to unravelling foul deeds and solving mysteries across the Empire. By the sheer nature of who they are and what they do - Holmes and Watson are good in alignment!

All in all a fantastic selection of Special Characters for your Factions to draw upon - I can't wait to see what West Wind come up with in the future!

Empire of the Dead Fans - Dressing the Part

Empire of the Dead Fans - Dressing the Part??

Confusion Abounds!

Prada Goes "Steampunk" For Fall

Now we can all dress the part for our games LoL!

Saturday, 23 June 2012


I've not done a great deal hobby-wise in the last few days, the real world REALLY got in the way - and I've been Ill (again!).

Still, I've finished some writing (the Cult of Sutekh, nothing too exciting really) - and I'm feeling a little better now.

Re-Basing some more Vampire Wars miniatures tonight, and watching Dracula AD 1972.

Ho Hum!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Cult of Sutekh

After another round of Playtesting "The Cult of Sutekh" (my Mummy Faction idea for Empire of the Dead), I need to do a couple of additional tweaks (and play some more) I shall then type it up and present it properly - then unleash it on the world!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Stoelzel’s Structures - Victorian Disctrict: Townhouse

The First of my friend Carl's Victorian Pieces is available for Purchase and Download!

Victorian Disctrict: Townhouse

"Wood Hall" ;-)

(My Sir-name is Wood LoL)

Choices, Choices.

There are loads of choices to be made when planning a Faction for Empire of the Dead, some in game and practical - others simply cosmetic.

The Good "Holy Orders" are deliberately left Vague - you could happily do them as Knight Templars, Warrior Monks, Shaolin Temple Martial Artists, or a "Vatican Hit-Squad" when it comes to the "look" and choice of Miniatures. But in all Cases the rules would remain the same.

The Neutral Lycaon Faction, (when it come's to people playing multiple Lycaon Factions within the same campagin) again are pretty much all the same as well (a Werewolf is a Werewolf is a Werewolf as it were) - however, again there's nothing stopping you throwing swap-outs with the Miniatures and using variant models Were-Cats etc. to give things a little more flavour.

The Evil Nosferatu are "set" and Specific in their flavour and style when it comes to their rules (it doesn't follow the "varient vampire" Captain Kronos logic - no doubt because it would have cause the Rulebook to be huge) - but again using different types/styles of Vampire Miniatures allows some flexibility.

Then we come to the "Gentleman's Club" Faction - probably the most exciting (in my opinion) and flexible - you can have a standard Gentleman's Club with no benefits and hindrances - or you can be affiliated to a larger organization.

The Sons of the Empire - who work for Queen and Country. Who are of Good Allegiance.

The Darkfire Club - who are Evil practitioners of the Black Arts.

The Good Wulfen Yaeger, who are feral Monster Hunting Mountain Men living in the wilds such as the Carpathian Mountains.

Then lastly we have the Neutral Zendarian Officers Society, which grew out of the duelling Societys of the Universities of Prague, Vienna, and Heidelburg.

Of course you can make up your own - taking the benefits and hindrances of one of the others as a base -  my own Slayer Society is based upon the Zendarian Officers Society, but are of Good Alignment.

They way its all set up and written, its very VERY flexible and open to adaption!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Johann Van-Helsing

Having REAL problems with the last Regular Member of the Slayer Society - I seem to have a mental block over it or something!

So I've started (Johann) Van-Helsing, just the base and some tidying up to do now.

I'm HOPING it gets me over my "block" - if not I'll have to do Harker next.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Best Participation Game Award!

Empire of the dead won the best participation game at Phalanx on Saturday!

A hearty congratulations to everyone involved!


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Heinous plot foiled in Lambeth

The Hammer Spreading Truth To The Empire

From our City Correspondent

Heinous plot foiled in Lambeth

Again it seems that forces of destruction and depravity are loose across the City of London.  Although many readers will have experienced growing prosperity thanks to the wondrous properties of Infernium there are many, even amongst the higher echelons of society, who would corrupt its powers to serve their own ends.

In the last three days it has been your correspondent’s task to spend his waking hours with agents of the noble band of the Sons of the Empire.  Many of the members of this most celebrated of gentlemen’s clubs have shown great courage and endeavour in serving Her Britannic Majesty and her Empire.  Their current work, however, requires greater fortitude than even these great engineers, explorers and inventors have needed heretofore.

Whilst the official police force and agents of the Crown must show due regard to the statutes of the land, the gentlemen of the Sons are not constrained by such bureaucracy and rules.  As many less well-regarded souls seek to prey upon the feckless and weak amongst us it is the Sons who provide the bastion of hope that many of us require in these desolate times.

It was two nights ago that your correspondent first had the opportunity to work with these fine agents in their business.  For some time the good citizens of Lambeth have been in mortal fear as, for night after interminable night, the young and virile were snatched away as they returned home on streets once thought safe from such violence. 

Young men, albeit those for whom the local hostelries are too frequent destinations, have been found brutally abused and eviscerated just a few steps from the main highways of this generally respectable quarter of London.  As is too often the case, the official forces had been unable to make noticeable progress in resolving these horrific crimes.  The Sons, unfettered by regulation, had despatched three of their leading agents into the area.  It was these three, well-known and respected in their fields - but for the sake this journal anonymous to protect their work – who invited me to join them in their travails.

At ten minutes before eleven we four found ourselves in a dark alley behind the Red Lion Inn.  A steady stream of unfortunates had already left deep in their cups but none had aroused our interest.  Two men did however raise our senses.  The first a young fellow clearly used to toil rather than the comforts of a more sedentary occupation was accompanied by a somewhat older gentleman dressed similarly but with the gait and demeanour of a man of more genteel background.

As these two swayed away from us my companions, their heads lowered, turned to follow at a discreet distance.  Some fifty paces down the road we saw two dark shadows emerge in front of our two men.  As swiftly as a cobra the older of the two straightened and grabbed his erstwhile companion.  Pinning him to the wall the two new protagonists jumped forward.  The flash of steel unmistakable they plunged towards the unfortunate victim. 

With blurring speed my companions surged forward, in their hands the ugly bulge of revolver and bludgeon.  Two shots rang out the flash of the muzzle illuminating the horror in the alley.  One of the three shouted in alarm and pain his steel falling to the floor as he grasped at his side.  Aware that their plot was unveiled all three felons turned and sprinted towards us barrelling through us and away.

The gentlemen of the Sons regained their footing sharply and turned in pursuit leaving me to tend to the much shaken erstwhile victim.

Some hours later close to the breaking of dawn, I was to rendezvous with my companions on the street close to Smithfields market, a meeting previously arranged.  Their only response to my entreaties for information was a few terse words. ‘Smythe and the Darkfire Club have seen their plans foiled for now.’

My own deductions as to who Smythe may be will provide the subject of my next article in this great organ.  For now though let us rejoice that the burghers of Lambeth may again go about their business in safety thanks to the heroic acts of the small band of Sons committed to service for their fellow man.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Sir Frederick Barrington-Smythe

Sir Frederick Barrington-Smythe got a taste for Monster Hunting whilst in Africa, a Big-Game Hunter of great repute.

Sir Frederick was the Governor of a small province in Western Africa (in Sengal), where he encountered a Witch who was using raised Zombi to do her bidding.

Not happy with the Witch effectively using Slave Labour - Sir Frederick took action, which by necessity led to the Witches demise; only for the Witch to return to life as a Sasabonsam (a type of Vampire with large blood-shot eyes, long legs, and feet pointing both ways) after which she took to sitting in the high branches of trees and using her unnaturally long legs to snare prey.

Upon his return to London (originally to retire) he encountered Jonathan Harker and a number of Slayer Society Irregulars in their first pitched battle on British soil against one Baron Meinster - Sir Frederick personally dispatched several hostiles, and became a Society Regular shortly after.

As usual, I'm not 100% happy - the colours came out too dark (thats what you get from painting under artificial light) and the black lining around the face and monocle is too thick (though on the table it looks fine) - still he's only a "rank & file" really, so I shouldn't berate myself too badly (though I will).

Sir Frederick Barrington-Smythe (Regular Member) – 10 Shillings

Light Pistol – 5 Shillings
Knife – 1 Shilling

Total – 16 Shillings

A brief treatise on the provenance of Lycanthropy by Dr Emmaus Stolfenberg

Another manuscript talks of the origins of those much feared creatures of the dark places of the world the Lycaon:

On the origins and behaviours of werewolves,

A brief treatise on the provenance of Lycanthropy

Dr Emmaus Stolfenberg

In these troubled times there have been increasing reports of supposedly mythical beasts in our great land.  Creatures with the visage and physique of beasts with the sentience of man have been recorded in cities throughout Europe.  Since the earliest times these aberrations have been constrained to myths, legends and fables. The veracity and frequency of recent accounts, however, leave few in doubt that a more scientific study is in order.

From the ancient Egyptian god Anubis, through the Aztecs and the stories from old Cathay there are innumerable tales of werewolves and other mutations throughout the cultures of the world.  For too long these have been seen as quaint superstitions or stories told at a mother’s knee to scare offspring into good behaviour.  Now it would appear there is much truth in these tales.

Mr Darwin and his acolytes, of which I am proud to include myself, have shown the diversity of fauna on this planet is a product of change begotten of the environment.  When one surveys the wild places of the world and the diversity of species that exist, one must presume that this co-mingling of species is not only plausible but given recent reports is a reality.

We have seen in recent months the spectacle of the so called Elephant Man  residing at the London Hospital and given the unfortunate yet grotesque nature of his deformities one must conclude that in the depths of history similar abominations may have manifested themselves.  An over abundance of hair perhaps, deformity of the face, super-extended canines all of these are mutations seen not infrequently.  In less-enlightened times, as these creatures became ostracised, it is my hypothesis that individuals bred together.  As Herr Mendel has shown, when left to propagate, these mutations become inherited and established traits potentially even to such an extent they may form a contagion when introduced to our own kind.

Through the increasing dominance of these hybrids and the potential for transmission, one can presume that those lured towards these strange monstrosities have managed to sustain themselves.

It is my contention that in small pockets these Lycaon groups have survived, albeit the harshness of the climate and difficulties of their situation lead to much reduced longevity.  With only the last vestiges of intelligence remaining, and the feral nature of their existence giving rise to their baser instincts, it is of little surprise that so many tales of horror have arisen around these enigmas.  What is clear, though, from current lore is that the werewolves now appearing with more regularity away from their desolate lairs are not intent on wanton destruction.  What their goals may be I shall not speculate upon in detail.  However, the steady encroachment of our industries into the lands they call home and the astonishing pace of industrial growth may well lie at the heart of their rise from the slumber of ages.

Thursday, 14 June 2012


From the Official West Wind Forum -

"Just to keep you all up to date and on tenterhooks,

we have just started playtesting a Peeler based Faction (the Supernatural Branch) and a Crime Gang one. We are planning to let the generic crime gang to affiliate to a City Street Gang, Chinese Gang or Criminal Mastermind (similar to the Gentlemens' Club).

Please be patient as we want to give them a good testing so that they fit already have in place and most importantly are fun to use.


Mystery papers discovered shedding light on the Empire of the Dead

Whilst sifting through a score of antiquities three documents have come into my possession and the writer is delighted to reveal their contents to the readers of this illustrious forum.

The documents themselves are aged and unable to withstand the rigours of scanning so I have painstakingly transposed them for your delectation.

The first is a short poem which the observant amongst you will notice was subsequently horribly amended by A A Milne.

The unknown author's lines are below:

Little Boy kneels at the foot of the bed,
Droops on the little hands little gold head .
Hush! Hush! What’s that on the stairs?
A ghoul or a fiend from someone’s nightmares?

‘God save us from evil, God save us from fright.
Another man slain in the dark streets tonight
Who will protect us?  Who will prevail?
Who will preserve us where all good men fail?

‘Now all of mankind faces beasts born in myth,
That rise from the grave or forest or rift
They stalk through the city, the fields and the wood
Oh Lord please protect me, I wish that you would.

‘I fear for my sister, I fear for Papa ,
I fear that they plan to steal my Mama.
As darkness descends on the city this night,
I fear that I’ll never more see the sunlight.

‘The shadows on walls, the whispers in trees
The chill winds that cause my body to freeze.
 The echoes of ages, of legend and fable
From all of these keep me however you’re able!’

Little Boy kneels at the foot of the bed,
Droops on the little hands little gold head.
Hush! Hush! Heed what he said ,
This is the world of Empire of the Dead.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Empire of the Dead - Warband Roster Sheet

Scorpius - a Member if the Official West Wind Forums did a Warband Sheet - but it needed to be prettier!

So here is my "Tarted Up" Version!

Empire of the Dead - Warband Roster Sheet

Empire of the Dead Reference Sheet

No painting, still poorly - STILL I thought I would do at least something.

Just to Keep People Going until an official one is released upon the Hungry Public!

Not the best of Scans (I've only got a Kodak ESP3) but it prints out "okay"!

Empire of the Dead Reference Sheet

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Tired Eyes, Achey Hands . . . .

Re-reading the Empire of the Dead rules tonight, tired eyes, achey hands :-(

Empire of the Dead - Captured Animals

One of the only things I've found doesn't work is the rules for "Captured" when it comes to Captured Animals. A Wolf under the sway of a Lycaon simply isn't going to change allegiance that easily. So, I've written up some simple rules to deal with such occurrences.

If you try and keep a wild Animal (such as a Wolf) it's going to keep trying to get away - then you run risk of it either escaping, or injuring one of your Faction (as it would HAVE to be guarded). Using the Bravado Roll/Joining the Faction ruling - simply doesn't make any sense.

What I suggest is a simple Table - After the initial Capture, and after each game roll on the table - In addition to this, should the Faction who captured the Animal wants to keep it, it costs 3 Shillings to pay for the Animals Upkeep between games (food, upkeep of the cage, etc).