Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Choices, Choices.

There are loads of choices to be made when planning a Faction for Empire of the Dead, some in game and practical - others simply cosmetic.

The Good "Holy Orders" are deliberately left Vague - you could happily do them as Knight Templars, Warrior Monks, Shaolin Temple Martial Artists, or a "Vatican Hit-Squad" when it comes to the "look" and choice of Miniatures. But in all Cases the rules would remain the same.

The Neutral Lycaon Faction, (when it come's to people playing multiple Lycaon Factions within the same campagin) again are pretty much all the same as well (a Werewolf is a Werewolf is a Werewolf as it were) - however, again there's nothing stopping you throwing swap-outs with the Miniatures and using variant models Were-Cats etc. to give things a little more flavour.

The Evil Nosferatu are "set" and Specific in their flavour and style when it comes to their rules (it doesn't follow the "varient vampire" Captain Kronos logic - no doubt because it would have cause the Rulebook to be huge) - but again using different types/styles of Vampire Miniatures allows some flexibility.

Then we come to the "Gentleman's Club" Faction - probably the most exciting (in my opinion) and flexible - you can have a standard Gentleman's Club with no benefits and hindrances - or you can be affiliated to a larger organization.

The Sons of the Empire - who work for Queen and Country. Who are of Good Allegiance.

The Darkfire Club - who are Evil practitioners of the Black Arts.

The Good Wulfen Yaeger, who are feral Monster Hunting Mountain Men living in the wilds such as the Carpathian Mountains.

Then lastly we have the Neutral Zendarian Officers Society, which grew out of the duelling Societys of the Universities of Prague, Vienna, and Heidelburg.

Of course you can make up your own - taking the benefits and hindrances of one of the others as a base -  my own Slayer Society is based upon the Zendarian Officers Society, but are of Good Alignment.

They way its all set up and written, its very VERY flexible and open to adaption!


  1. Reskinning factions can go a long way.

    For example, you could do a total mishmash of animal types and run the Werewolf faction as a Dr Moreau type of factions.


  2. Indeed - in fact West Wind already do various Animal Types!