Sunday, 10 June 2012

Empire of the Dead - Captured Animals

One of the only things I've found doesn't work is the rules for "Captured" when it comes to Captured Animals. A Wolf under the sway of a Lycaon simply isn't going to change allegiance that easily. So, I've written up some simple rules to deal with such occurrences.

If you try and keep a wild Animal (such as a Wolf) it's going to keep trying to get away - then you run risk of it either escaping, or injuring one of your Faction (as it would HAVE to be guarded). Using the Bravado Roll/Joining the Faction ruling - simply doesn't make any sense.

What I suggest is a simple Table - After the initial Capture, and after each game roll on the table - In addition to this, should the Faction who captured the Animal wants to keep it, it costs 3 Shillings to pay for the Animals Upkeep between games (food, upkeep of the cage, etc).

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