Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Whitechapel 1888 Gaming Environment - Stoelzel's Structures

Got an Email off Carl (Stoelzel's Structures) - if you remember I posted under the title Whitechapel 1888 Gaming Environment "What I personally want to do is a tight and compressed environment, something like Millers Court (where the Rippers last victim Mary Jane Kelly was found) - a literal warren of flop houses and alleyways. "

Carl's response - "ONE WEEK.  I hear ya, and  I'm already a week and half into it, and it is coming quickly, thus far 180 pages of modular goodness,  I only ask you wait ONE WEEK.


I swear, it's like that man can read my Mind!

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  1. Is there a particular set on his sight that spawned from his email or is he still working on it? Love the blog.