Thursday, 28 June 2012

Johann Van Helsing (Society President)

Johann Van Helsing is Dr. Abraham Van Helsing’s adopted son. He was left on Abraham’s doorstep one night, and the secretive vampire hunter could find no one to take the child. Though he tried to keep his affairs with the Slayers private, Johann was an inquisitive boy and eventually joined the cause. Abraham saw to his training himself and apprenticed him to the Brotherhood to further refine his skills.

I tried really REALLY hard to get the eyes "just right" but a combination of the face actually being slanted (only having one of these I can't tell if its a casting error, upon saying that I have to admit both sets of claws were miscast and they've been re-built using plasticard) and the bloody brim of the hat means I was stuck with what I could achieve. But on the table the brim of his hat covers the upper part of his face - so I needn't have bothered really.

Johann Van Helsing (Society President) – 20 Shillings

Slayer Claws (Counts as being armed with two Swords) – 6 Shillings
Gas-Powered Repeating Crossbow (Counts as a Man-Portable Gatling Gun) - 15 Shillings
Stake – 2 Shillings

Total Cost - 43 Shillings

Only Harker to do now!


  1. Awesome mine, like how you've done the black

  2. Very Dark Grey, highlighted, then washed with strong tone ink. It looks like a coal black then.

  3. What make is that model as its lovely?

  4. Thats a "Rippers - the Horror Wars" Miniature, its from the "Van Helsings Slayers" set - I THINK West Wind produced them, but they were marketed under Great White Games banner.