Tuesday, 5 June 2012

More Thoughts on Empire of the Dead

I’m actually still quite stunned by how Good Empire of the Dead Is!

So here are a few thoughts/notes about how things work (for those who don’t know yet) within the framework of the game.

First of all its very Mordheim/Necromunda in concept – small warbands of models, bought with “money” (Shillings in this case, a nice touch I thought) – that fight games/battles/scenarios.

A Warband is about 6-7 members when first created – a nice “starting size” IMHO – no excuse not to have your Models painted! As you play games, you Win/Lose games – earn experience/cash – and the Members Improve as a result of playing said games.

Nice and simple right? Nothing we haven’t seen before – and ACTUALLY, that’s strength IMHO – it’s not so complicated it’s hard to pick up (I’ve read enough sets of rules to know the difference between simple and simplistic rules) but not so basic it’s not worth the time of day.

Whilst familiar, it’s also quite fresh and exciting (and I’m not just talking about the Fluff now, like Pulp City and Freebooters Fate – the rules have an “air” of confidence about them).

Just a few more of my thoughts – if you want a thorough review of the Mechanics, I suggest you head over to Anatoli’s Game Room – he’s done a VERY thorough rules review!

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