Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Mr. Kydric Williams - Slayer Society Regular

Mr. Kydric Williams, Cardiff Born & Bred was a Solicitor of some success.

The only Son of a Wealthy Welsh family, his Mother and Father unexpectedly died in a Fire - after which Kydric moved to London to setup practice with the help of Doctor Van Helsing.

Though to the outside world his Parents death was a tragic accident, Kydric's fellow Society Members know the truth  - that they both had fallen to the Vampire curse, and Kydric released his own parents from torment.

Mr Williams relocation to London after selling his Family Estate was one of desperation, because he could not cope with the sadness of his loss - or the torment of what he had to do to release them.

I'm quite happy with him, I went ginger with the hair because I had been so restrained with the colours on his clothing.

And now a Group Shot of the Society so far.

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