Monday, 4 June 2012

Mr. Joseph Blunt (Regular Member) – 10 Shillings

Light Pistol – 5 Shillings
Knife – 1 Shilling

Total – 16 Shillings

Mr Blunt wasn't born with a Silver Spoon in his mouth - he's worked hard all his life, building up his business to the position where he lives a damn fine life. a lot of the other members frown upon him because his dress sense isn't as refined as a lot of people with his standing within the community.

Joseph joined the Slayer Society by chance - his Maid (Maisy as was) was taken ill abruptly, anemia the first Doctor said. Suddenly two gentlemen presented them selves - a Doctor Van Helsing, and a Mr Jonathan Harker. As it turned out Maisy had been harbouring a paramour in the Cellar, and the fellow in question turned out to be a Vampire. After aiding Van Helsing and Harker, Blunt was asked to join the Society - seeing what evil truly lurked in the shadows, he felt compelled to do so.

Not happy with the picture, I'm more happy with the paint-job "in the flesh" and the varnish hasn't dulled everything properly. Still he's only a grunt/minion - so I shouldn't grumble really.

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