Friday, 15 June 2012

Sir Frederick Barrington-Smythe

Sir Frederick Barrington-Smythe got a taste for Monster Hunting whilst in Africa, a Big-Game Hunter of great repute.

Sir Frederick was the Governor of a small province in Western Africa (in Sengal), where he encountered a Witch who was using raised Zombi to do her bidding.

Not happy with the Witch effectively using Slave Labour - Sir Frederick took action, which by necessity led to the Witches demise; only for the Witch to return to life as a Sasabonsam (a type of Vampire with large blood-shot eyes, long legs, and feet pointing both ways) after which she took to sitting in the high branches of trees and using her unnaturally long legs to snare prey.

Upon his return to London (originally to retire) he encountered Jonathan Harker and a number of Slayer Society Irregulars in their first pitched battle on British soil against one Baron Meinster - Sir Frederick personally dispatched several hostiles, and became a Society Regular shortly after.

As usual, I'm not 100% happy - the colours came out too dark (thats what you get from painting under artificial light) and the black lining around the face and monocle is too thick (though on the table it looks fine) - still he's only a "rank & file" really, so I shouldn't berate myself too badly (though I will).

Sir Frederick Barrington-Smythe (Regular Member) – 10 Shillings

Light Pistol – 5 Shillings
Knife – 1 Shilling

Total – 16 Shillings

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