Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Whitechapel 1888 Gaming Environment

As my "obsession" with Empire of the Dead grows - I've been seriously thinking about terrain.

I can do (like most gamers can) ruins and country-side table layouts. But I'm now looking to doing some London Streets - HOWEVER I personally do not want open spaces, posh streets, housing estates, mills, or any of that sort of layout (I'm sorry to those who do - I mean no offense, but I personally think battles with supernatural creatures simply would not happen out in the "open").

What I personally want to do is a tight and compressed environment, something like Millers Court (where the Rippers last victim Mary Jane Kelly was found) - a literal warren of flop houses and alleyways.

Almost like a Space Hulk Board really. I envisage it to be a 3'X3' ground level setup. Hopefully with some interior detail - some dwellings, maybe some abandoned buildings, a warehouse - I'm sure you know the general thing.

It looks like its out with the Depron Sheet and on with the Elbow Grease LoL!

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