Friday, 27 July 2012

Warbases Buildings

My Warbases buildings I ordered for Empire of the Dead arrived!

I've checked everything, it's all present and correct - they're quite lovely really.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Painting, Painting, Painting . . . . .

Finished two more Miniatures for that other guy last night, and did a little more work on my Reaper Deathlight.

I also made a good start on "Mr Chop" - I've done mine as a big red demon!

Pictures ASAP!

Smog 1888

I have Smog 1888 . . . . . . .

It's scarily good, it's like Empire of the Dead in 54mm scale!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Patriotic Feet!

My New Daps! 
No-One can accuse me of not being patriotic LoL!

Painting, Painting, Painting . . . . .

Managed to get a little work done on my Reaper Deathlight last night, whilst carrying on with my current Commission work.

Why is it when you have LOADS to do, there never seems to be enough hours in the day - but when you have nothing to do, there seems to be too many hours in the day LoL!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Empire of the Dead and Carnevale

I've quite taken to Carnevale, and whilst it might not to be everyone's tastes, and to be utterly frank - one of the things that attracted me to the game are the miniatures I might use with Empire of the Dead - in particular the Morgue Doctor and "Being".

But the usefulness of the Carnevale Range for Empire of the Dead doesn't stop there either, the Ospitale Madmen are of use for Minions in some Insane Gentlemen's Club based around the inmates of an Asylum.

Another Carnevale Miniature which is useful, is the Ospitale Warden - which not only is reminiscent of the Orderlies in the Asylum scenes of Coppola's Dracula, but they also have a creepy Silent Hill vibe to them.

Of course with Empire of the Dead awakening my taste for Horror gaming, buying these Carnevale Miniatures has led me to take more of an interest in the game itself.

The rules and the system is nice and simple, so let me give you a quick breakdown -

D10 rolls with alternate activation, each models activated individually - and models have a number of actions they can do in a turn, but must use all their actions when activated.

Stats are dice pools which tell you how many D10 to roll, and one dice is specified as a destiny dice and is used to work out criticals/fumbles. The target number is 7 or an opposing Stat (whichever is higher) and you have to equal or surpass it. Each success is an "Ace" - the number of "Ace"s is used to calculate whether you have succeeded or not.

You also have Karma (which should really be called luck, as the use of the term "Karma" is REALLY misleading as the only way apart from scenario objectives, you can get it back is by killing things – not at all the normal use of the word. This allows you to do special stuff like add extra dice to rolls. When you use your "Karma" is really important, as you can spend it quickly but it replenishes very slowly. It's really useful though, as it can easily make the difference between being FUBAR and barely wounded!

Although none of the rules are anything really new (I've seen similar and/or the same sort of Rules in loads of RPG's and Miniatures games) they are clearly presented and make sense.

If you fancy taking on yet another Horror Game - Carnevale is a good choice, the fluff is refreshing and compelling, and it's easy to play.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Painting, Painting . . . . .

You might have noticed I've not been updating my Painting as of late, its not because I've lost interest - but rather because I'm painting some miniatures for someone else at the moment (unfortunately not Horror themed) - but normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

Monday, 16 July 2012

I've Started, so I'll Finish . . . . .

I've now ordered some Warbases Buildings for my Empire of the Dead setup - 4 Terraced House pairs, 4 Mansard Roof Houses, a Pub ("The Ten Bells" He, He, He . . . ), and a Shop - should be enough to get me started I reckon!

I've also ordered three of these to represent my cobbled streets (I'm only doing a 3ft square table to begin with, space being the biggest issue) -

The Big Haul

Everything arrived today, so I now have a spare Rulebook (my first copy is already looking a little worn Lol) a spare set of Gentlemen, and another Professor Erazmus (for conversion purposes).


Thursday, 12 July 2012

Physician Unknown

My friend Jose found this and posted it in The Darkfire Club (the EotD Facebook Group) - and I find it wildly appropriate!

Shame it's David Tennant's likeness though! He, He, He . . . . .

If the Artist had made the "Physicians" glasses look more "Victorian" it would have been just perfect - and I LOVE the fact the Time Machine looks like a Victorian Street Urinal . . . . .

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Empire of the Dead Basing

Started working on my new Cobble bases specifically for Empire of the Dead last night, basically rather than cast endless variations - I've done two bases with cobbles, and two different pavement sections that can be glued on top.

I started my usual way, with a disc of plasticard, putty on top, sculpted the cobbles individually, then finished them with sandpaper/files/blades etc.

However this time I went one stage further, I used my dremmel to "rough up" in between the cobbles, so they look more worn and used - there are resin cobble bases available but they look to clean and regular for me, plus they lie a little too "flat" in the top of the base and not one has pavements on the bases either!

Tonight I plan on doing the 40mm version, though I haven't decided on whether to do a pavement overlay or not.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Loads of people buy resin bases for their miniatures nowadays, and whilst buying resin bases is nice and easy, you can lack variety - and with the ease of availability of products like "Instant Mold" its becoming increasingly easy to create your own.

Create a "disc" of card (or plasticard) that fits the top of your base, add your "detail" (either from a basing kit, or in this instance I created my own using simple sculpting techniques - and finished the set product with a selection of files and a scalpel) - if you create a "textured base" make sure it has plenty of time to dry/set and that it's been sealed with PVA (thats also been left to dry properly, at least 24 hours) - warm up your Instant Mold and take your impression of your creation (I always do at least two of each master for ease of production).

Press in your putty of choice, I use Milliput with Greenstuff mixed in - this makes it less brittle than using just straight Milliput - but unlike using all Greenstuff is better for basing/sanding/drilling/pinning etc - when mostly set, I turn them out of the mold and make sure they're nice and flat. Then mix more putty and start on the next lot

The "toppers" I've been working on could double as small flagstones or large cobblestones (users choice - they will work for Empire of the Dead, Carnevale, or more Modern Games like 7TV or Pulp City) - in this picture I have my latest "batch" setting.

(sorry about my Camera-Fu, it's weak at best).

I hope this gives folks some inspiration to create their own.

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Sorry I haven't been very "bloggy" today, I've had loads of "real world" stuff to do (and not felt very well into the bargain).

On the plus side, I found a missing London Bobby though (so I'm back up to 9 now LoL)

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Painting, Painting . . . . .

I'm hoping to crack on with my Reaper Deathlight today, but I have to confess - both Cedric Hyde and the Circ du Noir Man Ape are calling out "Paint Me, Paint Me" at the top of their Lungs LoL!

Friday, 6 July 2012


I've FINALLY managed to save my Pennies for the big (Number 4) Empire of the Dead Deal!

NOT ONLY do I have the following items coming - another Empire of the Dead Rulebook (this is the first game in ages where I've wanted a spare rulebook to "keep nice"), another Limited Edition Professor Erazmus (I have a plan for a conversion of him), the Free Limited Edition Butler (that deserves yet ANOTHER WOOT!) - the deal also includes The Gentlemen's Club Starter Set, The Vampire Clan Starter Set, The Werewolf Pack Starter Set, AND The Brotherhood Starter Set!!

In addition I've got the Victorian Zombies Set coming!


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Slayer Society

Jonathan Harker 

As one of the most trusted of the Surviving original Slayers, Jonathan has risen to be second only to Johann in command. After assisting Van Helsing during the first Count Dracula caper, Jonathan Harker trained with the Holy Orders and then returned to Eastern Europe to hopefully finish off the on-going Vampire threat there once and for all. With the discovery of Infernium, Harker returned to London and the Slayer Society – knowing he would be needed there.
Jonathan Harker (Vice President) – 15 Shillings

Blunderbuss – 6 Shillings
Stake – 2 Shillings

Total - 23 Shillings

So, as far as playing games goes (at least to begin with) thats the Slayer Society finished - of course I will need to paint a few more members to replace casualties or represent new-recruits (but I have those 'in mind' already).

So here is a Group Shot!

Next - some of the wonderful Characters from Gentlemen & Jackanapes!

A Good Day!

Finished Harker last night, so I was (understandably as hes the last member of The Slayer Society done - for now at least) in a pretty sound mood.

Then, I get home for Lunch, to find my Army Painter Mega Paint Set Arrived! (ALL my paints needed topping up, and it never hurts to have extra brushes).

All in all a good day so far!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Horrible Night

I have had a HORRIBLE "Lack of Hobby Night" tonight, everything has conspired against me LoL!

Oh well, such is life!

Gallows Hag

This Lunchtime I have mostly been cleaning up and basing a Gallows Hag!

It's even better "in the flesh"!

Sunday, 1 July 2012