Friday, 20 July 2012

Empire of the Dead and Carnevale

I've quite taken to Carnevale, and whilst it might not to be everyone's tastes, and to be utterly frank - one of the things that attracted me to the game are the miniatures I might use with Empire of the Dead - in particular the Morgue Doctor and "Being".

But the usefulness of the Carnevale Range for Empire of the Dead doesn't stop there either, the Ospitale Madmen are of use for Minions in some Insane Gentlemen's Club based around the inmates of an Asylum.

Another Carnevale Miniature which is useful, is the Ospitale Warden - which not only is reminiscent of the Orderlies in the Asylum scenes of Coppola's Dracula, but they also have a creepy Silent Hill vibe to them.

Of course with Empire of the Dead awakening my taste for Horror gaming, buying these Carnevale Miniatures has led me to take more of an interest in the game itself.

The rules and the system is nice and simple, so let me give you a quick breakdown -

D10 rolls with alternate activation, each models activated individually - and models have a number of actions they can do in a turn, but must use all their actions when activated.

Stats are dice pools which tell you how many D10 to roll, and one dice is specified as a destiny dice and is used to work out criticals/fumbles. The target number is 7 or an opposing Stat (whichever is higher) and you have to equal or surpass it. Each success is an "Ace" - the number of "Ace"s is used to calculate whether you have succeeded or not.

You also have Karma (which should really be called luck, as the use of the term "Karma" is REALLY misleading as the only way apart from scenario objectives, you can get it back is by killing things – not at all the normal use of the word. This allows you to do special stuff like add extra dice to rolls. When you use your "Karma" is really important, as you can spend it quickly but it replenishes very slowly. It's really useful though, as it can easily make the difference between being FUBAR and barely wounded!

Although none of the rules are anything really new (I've seen similar and/or the same sort of Rules in loads of RPG's and Miniatures games) they are clearly presented and make sense.

If you fancy taking on yet another Horror Game - Carnevale is a good choice, the fluff is refreshing and compelling, and it's easy to play.

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