Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Empire of the Dead Basing

Started working on my new Cobble bases specifically for Empire of the Dead last night, basically rather than cast endless variations - I've done two bases with cobbles, and two different pavement sections that can be glued on top.

I started my usual way, with a disc of plasticard, putty on top, sculpted the cobbles individually, then finished them with sandpaper/files/blades etc.

However this time I went one stage further, I used my dremmel to "rough up" in between the cobbles, so they look more worn and used - there are resin cobble bases available but they look to clean and regular for me, plus they lie a little too "flat" in the top of the base and not one has pavements on the bases either!

Tonight I plan on doing the 40mm version, though I haven't decided on whether to do a pavement overlay or not.

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  1. Hello there, I have just signed up to your blog. I really like what your doing with your bases. I have similar designs when I eventually get my miniatures.