Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Slayer Society

Jonathan Harker 

As one of the most trusted of the Surviving original Slayers, Jonathan has risen to be second only to Johann in command. After assisting Van Helsing during the first Count Dracula caper, Jonathan Harker trained with the Holy Orders and then returned to Eastern Europe to hopefully finish off the on-going Vampire threat there once and for all. With the discovery of Infernium, Harker returned to London and the Slayer Society – knowing he would be needed there.
Jonathan Harker (Vice President) – 15 Shillings

Blunderbuss – 6 Shillings
Stake – 2 Shillings

Total - 23 Shillings

So, as far as playing games goes (at least to begin with) thats the Slayer Society finished - of course I will need to paint a few more members to replace casualties or represent new-recruits (but I have those 'in mind' already).

So here is a Group Shot!

Next - some of the wonderful Characters from Gentlemen & Jackanapes!

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