Thursday, 2 August 2012

Slowly But Surely!

Now I am down to just one commission, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Both Mr Chop and the Reaper Deathlight seem to have been "half- done" for ages. I can see a point where both will get finished, and I can FINALLY make a start on by Terrain.

I've got to "pull my finger out" with the additional stuff I have now brought for my EotD Games!

Chronoscope - Edward Titchener, British Officer, Sherlock Holmes & Dr Watson, Van Helsing, Jack the Ripper.

Vampire Wars - London Civilians, London Gentlemen, Hanson Cab, London Mob, London Bobbies, Harlots, Victims, Zendarian Troopers with Pistols (I can’t find mine), Vampire Count/Slayer Packs 1 & 2.

Malifaux - Victorian Lamp-posts and Basing Kits (two of each).

Design 28 Miniatures -  Victorian Gentlemen, the Jack the Ripper set, and the Vampyre hunters (because I like the Blunderbusses LoL)




  1. Glad to hear that Mr Chop & the Deathlight are getting closer to completion :) I look forward to seeing them! I'm also looking forward to your take on the Design 28's Vampyre hunters. I held off on them, but I may well get some at some stage if they turn out looking good lol

  2. Its the Blunderbusses - i really liked them LoL!

  3. Looking forward to seeing what appears next, Time prevailing of course. I can't decide between the Design 28 stuff and some of those Perry ACW Rioters at the moment. I'm holding of though as the EotD Lead Pile has peaked to 30 need to get a crack on