Friday, 10 August 2012

Tonight another Girl must Die, so Jack may have his Kidney Pie . . . .

Didn't sleep too well last night, and woke up REALLY early - so I knocked this chap out in around an hour before everyone else woke up (I probably shouldn't have varnished him yet, but it seems OK). Design 28's Jack the Ripper (from their Jack the Ripper set) -

The features of the whole Design 28 Range are a little exaggerated (this guy has a REALLY huge nose) - but I'm OK with the "Cartoony" look, so its not really an issue for me (though I can imagine some folks hating it).


  1. Very nicely done. In an hour? you talented git!

  2. Oh come on, it's not like theres a lot to it LoL!

  3. LOL that would take me like at least 3 evening to do!

    And still not look as good :P