Sunday, 18 November 2012

Where do I begin . . . . (again)

I am SLOWLY Getting back into the painting again, after a long slog with family problems, ill health and other "real world" hassles.
But I simply cannot decide WHAT to start with!??!?! 
OK, here is a question for you folks - what should I paint, as an attempt to ease myself back into things I'm starting with a Character first. 
  • The Butler (painted as an Automaton)
  • The Butler (painted as a living person)
  • Professor Erasmus
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Reaper Deathlight
  • Gallows Hag
  • Circ du Noir Man Ape (Top Hat)
  • Circ du Noir Man Ape (Bowler Hat)
  • Lady Luck
  • Mr Chop, Demon Butcher 
I am a little stuck for inspiration (plus I look at all my "stuff" and feel somewhat overwhelmed) so any "prods" in the right direction will be muchly appreciated!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

At Long Last!

Life and hassles have stifled my creativity for some time, but at last we have something new for Empire of the Dead to look forward too!

Though not out just yet, we have some new models on the Horizon!

New for the Brotherhood, Monks with Guns - WADAAAA . . . . BANG!

Queen Victoria herself for Empire of the Dead!!

Last (but most DEFINITELY) not least, Victorian Police officers. Apparently, there are lots more of these to come, such as Officers armed with pistols and shotguns - AND some "steampunky" Bobbies too!