Monday, 4 June 2012

Baron Meinster's Vampire Clan

As I (slowly) progress through my chosen miniatures for the Slayer Society, my thoughts are drifting onto the Vampire Clan. As is the case with my Gentlemen's Club - I want to paint (or in a lot of cases re-paint) my Vampire Wars collection before moving on to Westwinds wonderful Empire of the Dead Faction Boxed Sets.

As I recently watched Hammers wonderful "The Brides of Dracula" so my Vampire Graf will be called "Baron Meinster" . . . .

The first Scenario I will play (and ATTEMPT a basic Battle-Report) will be "The Ruins of Carfax Abbey" - where our brave Slayers Society have tracked Meinster down to the Ruins of the Abbey (where he has made his lair) and seek to destroy him.

More as I think of it.

Victorian Terrain

I've been thinking about terrain - I really REALLY am not too impressed with the stuff you can buy.

None of it looks "right" without quite a bit of effort - I might as well scratch build my own.

I've got plenty of wilderness and ruins to "make do" with for now - I'm a reasonable scratch builder/sculptor, so I'm probably going to take a run at building some of my own terrain.

Thinking, Thinking, Thinking . . . . .

Painting, Painting

Been to Dads, sorted him out - back home now.

Tea, a bit of TV with Linda - then back to the painting.

I'm hoping to finish Dr. Robert Murray & Mr. Kydric Williams tonight - two more Regular Members.

Mr. Joseph Blunt (Regular Member) – 10 Shillings

Light Pistol – 5 Shillings
Knife – 1 Shilling

Total – 16 Shillings

Mr Blunt wasn't born with a Silver Spoon in his mouth - he's worked hard all his life, building up his business to the position where he lives a damn fine life. a lot of the other members frown upon him because his dress sense isn't as refined as a lot of people with his standing within the community.

Joseph joined the Slayer Society by chance - his Maid (Maisy as was) was taken ill abruptly, anemia the first Doctor said. Suddenly two gentlemen presented them selves - a Doctor Van Helsing, and a Mr Jonathan Harker. As it turned out Maisy had been harbouring a paramour in the Cellar, and the fellow in question turned out to be a Vampire. After aiding Van Helsing and Harker, Blunt was asked to join the Society - seeing what evil truly lurked in the shadows, he felt compelled to do so.

Not happy with the picture, I'm more happy with the paint-job "in the flesh" and the varnish hasn't dulled everything properly. Still he's only a grunt/minion - so I shouldn't grumble really.