Tuesday, 5 June 2012

No Sleep - But Things Done , , ,

As usual these days, no sleep (it's a bloody nightmare really) - my heads killing me.

I did manage to finish another Regular Member (Mr. Kydric Williams, a Welsh Businessman who was drawn into a world of horror after a Family Bereavement) - I also blocked in and highlighted four Bobbies!

Right, loads of (real-world stuff) to do today - Picture of the Mr. Williams Later!

Crappy Crampy Hands

My crappy hands are still kinda "crampy" tonight, but rather than lose momentum - I'm going to block in some London Bobbies (whilst watching Scars of Dracula).

HOPEFULLY if the settle down I shall carry on the Slayer Society Regulars.

Doctor Robert Murray - Regular Member of the Slayer Society

In the end I only managed to get one Miniature finished last night - crampy hands being the biggest issue. Still - another done.

Doctor Robert Murray is not a Medical Doctor, he received his Degree in Philosophy from Kings College in 1878 - and at a loss as to what to do with his life after his studies finished, he joined the Army seeing service alongside Doctor John Watson in the Second Anglo-Afghan War.

After Serving with Watson, he spent time in India in Delhi - where he was involved in toppling a Vampire Cult which was posing as a Kali Death Cult - upon returning to London, he was quickly recruited by the Slayer Society.

Flamboyant in mode of Dress, Murray is not the easiest of men to get on with. Often Surly and Self Opinionated, Murray is often seen to be at odds with his fellow Society Members. However, when push comes to shove - there are few they would trust more when it comes down to the fight against the Vampire Menace.

Dr. Robert Murray (Regular Member) – 10 Shillings

Heavy Pistol – 7 Shillings
Sword – 3 Shillings

Total – 20 Shillings

More as I do it!

More Thoughts on Empire of the Dead

I’m actually still quite stunned by how Good Empire of the Dead Is!

So here are a few thoughts/notes about how things work (for those who don’t know yet) within the framework of the game.

First of all its very Mordheim/Necromunda in concept – small warbands of models, bought with “money” (Shillings in this case, a nice touch I thought) – that fight games/battles/scenarios.

A Warband is about 6-7 members when first created – a nice “starting size” IMHO – no excuse not to have your Models painted! As you play games, you Win/Lose games – earn experience/cash – and the Members Improve as a result of playing said games.

Nice and simple right? Nothing we haven’t seen before – and ACTUALLY, that’s strength IMHO – it’s not so complicated it’s hard to pick up (I’ve read enough sets of rules to know the difference between simple and simplistic rules) but not so basic it’s not worth the time of day.

Whilst familiar, it’s also quite fresh and exciting (and I’m not just talking about the Fluff now, like Pulp City and Freebooters Fate – the rules have an “air” of confidence about them).

Just a few more of my thoughts – if you want a thorough review of the Mechanics, I suggest you head over to Anatoli’s Game Room – he’s done a VERY thorough rules review!