Sunday, 10 June 2012

Tired Eyes, Achey Hands . . . .

Re-reading the Empire of the Dead rules tonight, tired eyes, achey hands :-(

Empire of the Dead - Captured Animals

One of the only things I've found doesn't work is the rules for "Captured" when it comes to Captured Animals. A Wolf under the sway of a Lycaon simply isn't going to change allegiance that easily. So, I've written up some simple rules to deal with such occurrences.

If you try and keep a wild Animal (such as a Wolf) it's going to keep trying to get away - then you run risk of it either escaping, or injuring one of your Faction (as it would HAVE to be guarded). Using the Bravado Roll/Joining the Faction ruling - simply doesn't make any sense.

What I suggest is a simple Table - After the initial Capture, and after each game roll on the table - In addition to this, should the Faction who captured the Animal wants to keep it, it costs 3 Shillings to pay for the Animals Upkeep between games (food, upkeep of the cage, etc).

Dr. John Hamish Watson

I'll be honest, I'm not 100% happy with Watson (my crappy camera skills not withstanding) - still he's finished, and the soft yellow glow in the glass of the lantern came out a lot better than I expected.

"Too Many Browns" - I've learned something here, whilst I am a huge fan of the limited palette approach (I decide before I've even undercoated what colours I plan on using) - this proves SOMETIMES it doesn't really work LoL!

Still, Holmes and Watson are done!

I think I'm definitely "getting there" now -

I've a LOT going on over the next few days, but I'm hoping to at least to get the Society Regulars finished by mid-week.

Doctor Watson

Finally finished Watson, despite having hand issues over the last couple of days AND my favourite brush dying on me (now I've got to break another Brush in Grrr).