Friday, 29 June 2012

There is Nothing Steampunk Cannot Make More Awesome . . . . . .

He, He, He . . . . .

The Escaped Lunatic

YET ANOTHER fantastic Empire of the Dead Concept picture - the Escaped Lunatic!

Jade Dragon

Ooooooh - 'Jade Dragon', a Chinese Assassin Character for Empire of the Dead . . . . . . 

What the Future Brings!

Someone asked my what I'm planning on doing after finishing the Slayer Society to the point its painted and playable!

After I've finished Harker I'm thinking maybe a couple of additional Regular Members - "Bettie the Vampire Slayer", Mina Harker, and Francois DuPont (a French Artist turned Slayer)

Carry on re-painting my Vampire Wars miniatures to do some more Factions - in between painting the new EotD Characters - plus working up a Mob.

THEN start on my "Torchwood 1888" idea, and start painting the new EotD Faction Miniatures.

(and all that whilst hopefully building terrain)

So LOADS to do!