Sunday, 18 November 2012

Where do I begin . . . . (again)

I am SLOWLY Getting back into the painting again, after a long slog with family problems, ill health and other "real world" hassles.
But I simply cannot decide WHAT to start with!??!?! 
OK, here is a question for you folks - what should I paint, as an attempt to ease myself back into things I'm starting with a Character first. 
  • The Butler (painted as an Automaton)
  • The Butler (painted as a living person)
  • Professor Erasmus
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Reaper Deathlight
  • Gallows Hag
  • Circ du Noir Man Ape (Top Hat)
  • Circ du Noir Man Ape (Bowler Hat)
  • Lady Luck
  • Mr Chop, Demon Butcher 
I am a little stuck for inspiration (plus I look at all my "stuff" and feel somewhat overwhelmed) so any "prods" in the right direction will be muchly appreciated!