Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Wolsung - Part One

One of the things I've been looking at are other Steampunk/Victorian Romance Games - of all Kinds really, these things take time (however) as I don't ask for Freebies etc - I prefer to do things "under my own Steam" as t'wer (yes, Pun Intended).

One of the Games I came "late to the party" with was Wolsung (both the RPG and the Miniatures game) - something I really regret actually. It's kinda refreshing really, unlike a lot of other Victorian games of the same type it doesn't just "re-hash" old ideas to create new (and saleable) Product.

Wolsung the RPG was a Polish role-playing game - one of their most successful apparently, it was translated into English in 2010 - and had "slipped" under my radar until I discovered the Miniatures Game by Micro Art Studio (another annoying fact, I missed out on their Indiegogo promotion - so I missed out on the Movement Template grrrr LoL).

The RPG is a straightforward affair, focused around rolling two (or more) D10's  - 2d10 (for basic characters, more experienced/powerful characters roll 3d10 or 4d10 - all done vs TN, with addons and fumbles.

In addition the RPG uses a deck of playing cards, if a character wants to play a card the player must describe what happens, which must be applicable to your character's Archetype as each archetype has different interpretation of each of the four card suits - so cards played can strongly boost (for want of a better word) your Archetype in gameplay IF used correctly.

But the thing that REALLY dragged me in was the world - which is an alternative version of our own Victorian led world at the end of the 19th century, though rather strongly influenced by adventure novels, penny dreadfuls, action movies, comic books, and even video games. The world is familiar enough, yet different - Like Shadowrun (one of my favourite RPG's OF ALL TIME) the World of Wolsung is literally dripping in magic - with Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, Elves, Ogres, and Orcs - and smack in the middle of a "Magical-Industrial" Revolution.

So that's a "rough" idea of the RPG, a better review will follow.

Micro Art Studio have released a Miniatures Game Version, recently fully funded by a successful Indiegogo Campaign -something I really REALLY regret not getting "in on" (but I am supporting the game now, so that's OK LoL)

The Miniatures are lovely, and have a wonderful charm to them - they capture the Wolsung world perfectly, and are useful for both the Skirmish Miniatures Game and the RPG (Click on the Picture to be taken for a Gallery of Miniature Images).

They've even produced Terrain, blocks of Victorian Sci-Fi Apartments and scatter terrain - barrels, crates, and wares - all of which goes wonderfully with the Sarissa Precision City Block 28 Buildings, with still more to come out - such as Walkways and Market Stalls.

So far there are Three Factions, The Ash and Oak Society a Gentlemens Club, the Inventors Club, and the Triad of Lotus Dragon - each Society "range" has Human Characters, but they also have Characters and Henchmen that are of the classic fantasy races - Ogres, Elves, Dwarves, even Orcs.

Fantastical Machines (like the Mechanical Flea above) and Powerful Magics complete the mix, for a familiar yet surprisingly refreshing take on the Steampunk Genre.

In Part Two - I shall get to grips with the Rules, and discuss things in a little more depth.


  1. Sounds interesting - a bit like a more modern take Diskworld...

  2. This reminds me very much of the pc game Arcanum it was a brilliant RPG game. Sadly it was a little bit buggy which marred its release but if you got into it was fantastic.

  3. Ooooh, I'll have to take a look at that!!

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