Saturday, 16 February 2013

"Empire of the Dead - Requiem" Limited Edition Miniatures.

I've been engrossed in "Kickstarter Fever" with the "Empire of the Dead - Requiem" Kickstarter, initially pledging £100 but after talks with my good (or perhaps I should say GREAT Lady - Linda) I've upped it to £200, I would have loved to go for the £700 "have your own Character" Pledge Level, but finances won't QUITE stretch that far.

Still, at £200 I get all the Miniatures INCLUDING the Limited Edition Kickstarter Only Miniatures, which is very VERY cool.

The first LE Miniature is Nadezhda Durova, a Vampire slayer - ALL pledgers get her.

The first "unlocked" Limited Edition Miniature is "Tatu" who is a Half-Vampire servant of the "Broken Dawn Cult", and a gorgeous concept she is.


Like all the other Limited Edition Miniatures that come with this Kickstarter, they aren't available after the Kickstarter has ended - so you need to pledge now (£75 gets you a bunch of new miniatures AND all the Limited Editions) so it's a really REALLY good idea to take part.

The next Limited Edition Miniature to be "unlocked was Jade Dragon, a deadly Imperial Assassin - her twin barrelled pistol gives her twice the stopping power of a normal revolver, making her a Lady to be reckoned with.

Once again you have to pledge to get a hold of her, so join in!

The next due to be unlocked (at £40,000) of these gorgeous Limited Edition Ladies is Aisha - the Werewolf Huntress. She is a wild Romani wanderer from the wilderness of Eastern Europe. After being mauled by a Wolf  as a young child she carries a hatred of all things Werewolf and hunts the servants of the Moon Goddess wherever she finds them.

At £50,000 (which seems such a LONG way off as we are only on  at the moment) a Limited Edition of "Red - Daughter of the (Moon?) Goddess" will be unlocked - so far they have only shown us a shadowy image of her.

But me being me, and having a silly amount of found Empire of the Dead saved on my computer has a picture of her.

So its all to pledge for at the moment, lets keep this building up - so we get loads of nice LE "pretties" to play with!


  1. There not that far off the 50K mark as they have reach 35K in only a few days :D

  2. Yea, I'm pretty sure they'll get there!

  3. Fingers crossed, it keeps rolling along at the current rate... looking forward to getting my figures (I went with the early bird £75 pledge)

  4. I'm glad to see the second wave of models. First Kickstarter for a game I've all ready invested in and like so I'll need to be careful with pledge add ons. It will be fun to follow and I hope it works out well for them and the game.

  5. Yes Guys, it's all looking really REALLY Lovely!