Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Cult of Sutekh Printer Friendly Booklet & Miniatures Choices

I can't believe I've had so many requests for this already, so rather than wait till tomorrow (I've got a full day as it is) I shall be putting up the Printer Friendly version of The Cult of Sutekh Booklet and my "top picks" for Miniatures Choices tonight instead (I'm really flattered btw guys).

So, here is a Printer Friendly version of "The Cult of Sutekh" Booklet.

Now, without further ado - my choices for Miniatures for the Cult itself.

Every model for the Cult of Sutekh is a total no brainer for me at least – as a dedicated fan of West Winds Horror Miniatures it’s easily done using miniatures from West Winds comprehensive “Vampire Wars” Range.

A “basic” Eternal (if basic can be considered a correct term) can be represented by West Wind Miniatures code “GHM0001” - The Mummy. If you want something more elabourate, or Movie Based – I am afraid conversions are in order – but in the West Wind Mummy Range I’m sure there is something you could use as a base.

You actually have two choices for your Hum-Natir (your Cult Leader) - both are sporting a jaunty Fez, one in Robes ( from pack “GHM0003” - High Priest and Evil Cultists) and another with a very “british brolley” (“GHM0005” - The Protagonasts).

The Faction “Mazoi” (Bodyguards) are prefectly represented by the Bare Headed and Clean Shaven Models from the “GHM0007” - The Sidhi pack.

The other two Models from the “GHM0007” - The Sidhi pack, are perfect as your Faction Rank & File or “Acolytes”, along with the models from the West Wind “GHM0008” - The Guardian of the OSIRIS Pack.

Lastly we have theTomb Guardians - theres a lot of choice for Tomb Guardians really, as they can look however you want them to. The most obvious choice is to go for mindless Mummies - like those in the "GHM0002" - Mummy Servant Priests pack. You could even use the "GHM0009" - The Minions of Set pack, painting them as guardian statues. Or models from the "GHZ0004" - Zombies pack to repersent victims that have been kidnapped and "turned"into fresh Tomb Guardians by ancient Egyptian Magics . . . .

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