Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Shape of Things to Come

I'm not talking about H.G. Wells seminal "future war" Novella, but rather the future of Victorian Fantasy Wargaming.

My personal favourites are Empire of the Dead and Wolsung - they are different enough from each other (EotD is Horror with a little "Steampunk" mixed in, and Wolsung is Fantasy - basically Victorian Shadowrun) to entice me to collect each with some gusto - and have enough variety within the rules to allow for conversions and the use of other companies Miniatures should I want to.

Wolsung is still growing, and has an already established RPG to fall back on - and this year will see a Kickstarter project for the next phase of Empire of the Dead releases in the form of Empire of the Dead ‘Requiem’.


With the Requiem Kickstarter we will be seeing new miniatures for the existing warbands, allowing you to expand upon the starter sets - and hopefully new Warbands as well (if they have any sense) and IN SPITE of West Winds grumpy nature when challenged with questions about things, I feel compelled to at least give it a chance.

(I don't know about you, but the Free Worldwide shipping is a nice touch I felt).

Now we have the "In Her Majesty's Name" Range coming out from Northstar - which is actually being funded as a pre-order promotion, rather than using a crowd-funding platform (one would assume to avoid fees) - however, the web-page is quite unprofessional looking and there is an INORDINATE number of "Limited Edition" Backer Only Miniatures to be unlocked - this to me says they aren't that confident in their product, and they feel the need to tempt people into advance ordering.

Now a lot of KS projects have a lot of freebies, but not all of those Perks are Limited Editions - and EVEN THEN you don't generally get to see what all the Perks are to begin with.

The Northstar Miniatures are "quirky" (like their Projekt X range) and (to be frank) although the rules for Empire of the Dead aren't everybody's "Cup of Tea" - the Miniatures are much nicer sculpts than any of the examples I've seen of the In Her Majesty's Name range so far.

The miniatures line is being produced to support the Osprey rules due out in May 2013 - and whilst their Historical Books are to die for, I've found their fantasy based books to be quite lackluster.

I'm not saying Empire of the Dead is perfect, actually far from it - I've "house ruled" several area's myself - Wolsung is a little better and the rules more structured, but I sincerely doubt Osprey's In Her Majesty's Name set of rules will be perfect by any means.

Consequently I doubt if I'll be backing "In Her Majesty's Name", I've invested a fair bit of time (and funds) in Empire of the Dead and Wolsung to "shift" my attention too far now (plus it's more VSF than horror or fantasy - which are my preferences in the genre) I don't know what other peoples thoughts/feelings are, but with Empire of the Dead, Wolsung, the Lead Adenture Range of Miniatures and several others - is the "Victoriana" gaming market becoming too crowded?


  1. EotD I shall be sticking with myself, Though I may pick up some of these rifle armed gents. It all depends on how soon Westwind get there own stuff released

  2. Ditto, well - that and Wolsung (because I've picked up the RPG now as well and its gorgeous)- I think we're not going to see anything till the Kickstarter.

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  4. Thanks for the further information about Wolsung. I didn't realize the game was based on an RPG -- don't know how I missed that.

    I don't think the field is too crowded. You pays your money and you take your choice, as they say. That's like saying there are too many flavors of ice cream. Well, just eat the ones you like! I LOVE being spoiled for choice as I'm composing warbands for EOTD or Chaos in Carpathia or any of the other VSF or Gothic Horror-themed games.

  5. I for one prefer the look of what I've seen so far of In Her Majesty's Name. They feel like a much closer fit to existing miniatures from Artizan, Copplestone, Foundry and the Perrys, at least the ones I already own.

    The limited edition nature of the bonus miniatures is of course silly, but this is no different from a lot of kickstarters out there, so I don't see how that implies anything about their confidence. Limited edition bonus crap has after all been going on for decades in all kind of retail.