Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Spinespur Kickstarter Competition!

ANOTHER reason to Back the Spinespur Kickstarter (if the game itself being uber cool wasn't enough) A COMPETITION!


You can also check out the details directly on the LXG Blog as well -


The Prize is two full blisters of thugs, a Cerebeast, and the Grave Golem!! All you have to do is back the Spinespur Kickstarter, to a value of $65 or more - so not only a great start to your games of Spinespur, but a chance of winning some painted Miniatures for your Gang!


You have to be in it to win it!!!!!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Oooooooooooh . . . . .. .

I think the picture says it all really . . . . . . . .

The Beldam Brotherhood

ANOTHER New Faction - Nicely Nicely!

The Bedlam Brotherhood

Those who survive the Red Death, (the disease which creates Zombies) walk the line between worlds. They see the real and the ethereal, ghosts and phantoms rise from the ashes to haunt theses unfortunate few. The Bedlam Brotherhood see the world as it is and as it will be, they have foretold the coming of the Reapers. Their task on earth is to prepare the way. 

In the rat run of tunnels and cellars beneath old Bedlam Asylum the Bedlamites have built a sanctuary; do not enter this place for all you hold dear will be washed away into utter madness!

Victorian Superheroes Part II

After all the Chatter about Victorian Super Heroes - this just goes to show, West Wind are watching/listening . . . .


Mechana-bat the winged avenger! When Wayne Van Gelder’s family were taken by the Clickers for experimentation, he swore an oath of vengeance. An engineer by trade Van Gelder built an amazing flying machine which he named the Thyro-wing. Its bat winged design was based on a captured Clicker Flyder, but Van Gelder’s design was much more efficient. Now by night the hooded Van Gelder haunts the tallest spires of old London, hunting the Clicker horrors and foiling their malevolent plans.

Steam Knight

Invented by Van Gelder for his friend and ally, Hudson, a veteran of the Transvaal Rebellion of 1880. Severely wounded in this unfortunate adventure, the heroic Hudson lost his left arm. Combining an ancestral suit of medieval armour with a Clicker Tank frame and an advanced shielded Infernium engine, Van Gelder succeeded in creating the powerful fighting machine known as Steam Knight.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Victorian Cybermen . . . .

Not really no, but in a "fluff" way - yes - Presenting "The Clickers" a new Faction for Empire of the Dead . . . .

The Clickers are a race of automata that have realised a collective or hive intelligence through their exposure to Infernium. Becoming semi-sentient they have discovered the ability to self replicate and adapt their selves to various tasks. This guy is the Spider, his job is to capture humans and carry them off to the Jerusalem Iron Works for dissection (but to what ends . . . . .)

With the discovery of Infernium, it became possible to create all manner of mechanical wonders. A tiny crystal fleck would power a mighty mechanical engine for what seemed like all eternity. Machine servants became commonplace, most famously the marvelous Mechanical Man Servant engineered by the Jerusalem Iron Works established by the reclusive Professor Jerusalem.

What went wrong we don’t yet know? The great gates of Jerusalem are chained shut. The Professor has not been seen publicly for three years and yet, the mighty chimney stacks of hells own foundry still belch forth dark satanic clouds.

Nicely, Nicely - Vincent Pricely . . . . 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Mr Burke and Mr Hare

Today's "Empire of the Dead - Requiem" Kickstarter Update - "Mr Burke and Mr Hare".

"Six years in the Army I don't get a scratch. Ten minutes as a grave robber I get shot in the ass" ~ William Burke

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Spinespur Miniatures

To help (possibly) get the "Spinespur Juices" (eeeiiiuuueee) flowing, here are a few of my Spinespur Miniatures.

Don't forget about the Spinespur Kickstarter, which can be found here - Spinespur Reinstitutionalized

Spinespur Reinstitutionalized

Whilst not Gothic Horror, it's still Horror Gaming - so I am proud to be a backer and supporter of a Kickstarter for the grand Modern Horror Game -

As the blurb on the Kickstarter Page states -

Spinespur Is a survival horror miniatures game unlike anything you have seen in the past. This game took 4 years of creation and testing ben a search for people who had won national and regional championships in other miniatures games and then got these people to play test and break the game so that we could go back and fix the problems they uncovered. As a result, Spinespur probably has the smallest FAQ and errata that you hafore the rulebook went into print. We wanted to make sure that the game was as tight as we could possibly make it. Another factor in the creation of Spinespur was the play testing. We purposely went ove ever seen in a miniatures game!

Spinespur was launched in 2007 and received great reviews. Unfortunately, real world incidents put the game on hiatus for a few years. This game has not been sold to another company, Comfy Chair Games is the originator of the game and has kept license to the game from its inception. Now that everything is back to what it should be, Comfy Chair Games is looking to relaunch Spinespur and finish the final few models that need to be made in order to finish the 1st book in the Spinespur series! 

Its a great game with a great setting, well worth anyone chucking their hard earned pennies at!

You can get in at the "bottom floor" as it were with the new Kickstarter, which can be found here!


Today's "Empire of the Dead - Requiem" Kickstarter Update - "IRON HEAD NED" SUPERB!

Friday, 1 March 2013

Colonel Moran and his air-powered Rifle

Today's "Empire of the Dead - Requiem" Kickstarter Update - Colonel Moran and his air-powered Rifle!

"It will be verified or disproved at the trial. Meanwhile, come what may, Colonel Moran will trouble us no more, the famous air-gun of Von Herder will embellish the Scotland Yard Museum, and once again Mr. Sherlock Holmes is free to devote his life to examining those interesting little problems which the complex life of London so plentifully presents" . . . . . .