Saturday, 2 March 2013

Spinespur Reinstitutionalized

Whilst not Gothic Horror, it's still Horror Gaming - so I am proud to be a backer and supporter of a Kickstarter for the grand Modern Horror Game -

As the blurb on the Kickstarter Page states -

Spinespur Is a survival horror miniatures game unlike anything you have seen in the past. This game took 4 years of creation and testing ben a search for people who had won national and regional championships in other miniatures games and then got these people to play test and break the game so that we could go back and fix the problems they uncovered. As a result, Spinespur probably has the smallest FAQ and errata that you hafore the rulebook went into print. We wanted to make sure that the game was as tight as we could possibly make it. Another factor in the creation of Spinespur was the play testing. We purposely went ove ever seen in a miniatures game!

Spinespur was launched in 2007 and received great reviews. Unfortunately, real world incidents put the game on hiatus for a few years. This game has not been sold to another company, Comfy Chair Games is the originator of the game and has kept license to the game from its inception. Now that everything is back to what it should be, Comfy Chair Games is looking to relaunch Spinespur and finish the final few models that need to be made in order to finish the 1st book in the Spinespur series! 

Its a great game with a great setting, well worth anyone chucking their hard earned pennies at!

You can get in at the "bottom floor" as it were with the new Kickstarter, which can be found here!

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