Thursday, 31 October 2013

Darkfire Club Update

Two more member of the Darkfire Club are finished, as I mentioned in my previous just one "regular" Member to go now and all I have left to do is finish my "Zombie Mob".

Clove is Professor Warlocks faithful Man Servant - and although advanced in years, he is strong and able - and seemingly ages no further. Taciturn in nature, he moves gracefully and steadily in the service of his Master - willing to do anything, no matter how sadistic or vile to aid him. When he does talk, its about the Noble Houses of Europe he has worked for - amongst the other Servants (who whisper in secret about Clove) there is talk of the Borgias! Could Clove really be that old . . . .

Lord Christopher Rutherford Challenger, cousin of the famous explorer Professor George Edward Challenger - is the exact opposite of his Cousin. Whereas Professor Challenger is pompous, pretentious, and self-righteous (and indignant to a ridiculous degree) but at the end of the day a decent human being - Lord Challenger is quiet, self effacing, and a seemingly humble (almost pious) Man - but behind the facade is unrelentingly cruel and evil. No act of sadism is too extreme, no deviant behaviour too disgusting. To speak to him you would think him a goodly man, and that is where you would be wrong. People who've known him all his life, insist he was born this way - and so he is a perfect recruit for the Darkfire Club.

Now it's just Quinton S. Taylor to go, the bored Rich Industrialist from Birmingham Alabama!

Kickstarter Goodies!

A mysterious package came today, but what with Hospital and getting ready for Halloween I haven't really had the time to have a proper "play" with things.

My Empire of the Dead Requiem Kickstarter "Haul" is pretty spectacular really, no mold lines that I can see, a few bits of flash here and there (but nothing major) as my good friend Brummie (Simon Quinton) is focusing on the Bobbies to begin with, I shall be tackling Nemo and Crew and an extended "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (extended as mine will include Frankenstein and his Creation AND Professor Cavor).

HOPEFULLY I will finish the last "Mortal" Member of my Darkfire Club in the next day or so, that just leaves my Zombie Mob to finish for those!

Then its onto Nemo and his Crew!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Sir Anthony King (and Friend)

In Spite of real life is still being a pain - I managed a couple of new pieces.

Sir Anthony King is the "Hunter" of the Darkfire Club, his preference to hunting at night has earned him the nick-name "Shadowking" - not only because of his night-time hunts, but because of his Dark and Ruthless Nature.

I even managed to get him a friend done (who also counts to my Zomtober painting) - another Walker to go with my Zombie Mob for EotD.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Zomtober II

For my next Zomtober "offering" - I've done something more traditional - a Couple of Zeds for my "Horror Hospital" for 7ombieTV , these are by Cold War Miniatures.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Professor Damien Warlock

Professor Damien Warlock is the President of the most infamous (throughout the British Empire in fact) branch of the Darkfire Club.

Based at the large Family estate in Berkshire, Warlock has used his family fortune (destroying his reputation in the process) in his decadent obsession with Evil, the Occult, and the Darkfire Club.

Professor Warlock is from the Gentleman's Club Boxed Set for Empire of the Dead.

Zomtober - Post One

My first "Zomtober 2013" post - two Victorian Zombies for my "Zombie Mob" for Empire of the Dead.

So here we have "Dr Jackal and Mr Snyde" - Dr Harold Jackal was a respected Surgeon by Day, but by night he financed his Gambling addiction by Grave Robbing (with his associate Mr Snyde) and selling the cadavers to Medical Students around London. One day they "crossed" the wrong people, poaching on another "businessman's" turf, and ended up as the very "product" they were selling . . . .

Dr Jackal (on the left) is from the Empire of the Dead Zombie Mob set, Mr Snyde was a West Wind Promo Zombie Miniature.

More as I finish them!