Thursday, 31 October 2013

Darkfire Club Update

Two more member of the Darkfire Club are finished, as I mentioned in my previous just one "regular" Member to go now and all I have left to do is finish my "Zombie Mob".

Clove is Professor Warlocks faithful Man Servant - and although advanced in years, he is strong and able - and seemingly ages no further. Taciturn in nature, he moves gracefully and steadily in the service of his Master - willing to do anything, no matter how sadistic or vile to aid him. When he does talk, its about the Noble Houses of Europe he has worked for - amongst the other Servants (who whisper in secret about Clove) there is talk of the Borgias! Could Clove really be that old . . . .

Lord Christopher Rutherford Challenger, cousin of the famous explorer Professor George Edward Challenger - is the exact opposite of his Cousin. Whereas Professor Challenger is pompous, pretentious, and self-righteous (and indignant to a ridiculous degree) but at the end of the day a decent human being - Lord Challenger is quiet, self effacing, and a seemingly humble (almost pious) Man - but behind the facade is unrelentingly cruel and evil. No act of sadism is too extreme, no deviant behaviour too disgusting. To speak to him you would think him a goodly man, and that is where you would be wrong. People who've known him all his life, insist he was born this way - and so he is a perfect recruit for the Darkfire Club.

Now it's just Quinton S. Taylor to go, the bored Rich Industrialist from Birmingham Alabama!


  1. I love the work that you have done on these figures and the background that has gone into them. Makes all this gaming into a novel!

  2. Top job DW! The backgrounds are excellent. Love the paint scheme on Lord Challenger my favourite miniature out of the gentlemen set

  3. Your Gentlemen are superb! It one with his own character coming through your paint scheme.