Saturday, 9 March 2013

Oooooooooooh . . . . .. .

I think the picture says it all really . . . . . . . .

The Beldam Brotherhood

ANOTHER New Faction - Nicely Nicely!

The Bedlam Brotherhood

Those who survive the Red Death, (the disease which creates Zombies) walk the line between worlds. They see the real and the ethereal, ghosts and phantoms rise from the ashes to haunt theses unfortunate few. The Bedlam Brotherhood see the world as it is and as it will be, they have foretold the coming of the Reapers. Their task on earth is to prepare the way. 

In the rat run of tunnels and cellars beneath old Bedlam Asylum the Bedlamites have built a sanctuary; do not enter this place for all you hold dear will be washed away into utter madness!

Victorian Superheroes Part II

After all the Chatter about Victorian Super Heroes - this just goes to show, West Wind are watching/listening . . . .


Mechana-bat the winged avenger! When Wayne Van Gelder’s family were taken by the Clickers for experimentation, he swore an oath of vengeance. An engineer by trade Van Gelder built an amazing flying machine which he named the Thyro-wing. Its bat winged design was based on a captured Clicker Flyder, but Van Gelder’s design was much more efficient. Now by night the hooded Van Gelder haunts the tallest spires of old London, hunting the Clicker horrors and foiling their malevolent plans.

Steam Knight

Invented by Van Gelder for his friend and ally, Hudson, a veteran of the Transvaal Rebellion of 1880. Severely wounded in this unfortunate adventure, the heroic Hudson lost his left arm. Combining an ancestral suit of medieval armour with a Clicker Tank frame and an advanced shielded Infernium engine, Van Gelder succeeded in creating the powerful fighting machine known as Steam Knight.