Saturday, 5 October 2013

Professor Damien Warlock

Professor Damien Warlock is the President of the most infamous (throughout the British Empire in fact) branch of the Darkfire Club.

Based at the large Family estate in Berkshire, Warlock has used his family fortune (destroying his reputation in the process) in his decadent obsession with Evil, the Occult, and the Darkfire Club.

Professor Warlock is from the Gentleman's Club Boxed Set for Empire of the Dead.

Zomtober - Post One

My first "Zomtober 2013" post - two Victorian Zombies for my "Zombie Mob" for Empire of the Dead.

So here we have "Dr Jackal and Mr Snyde" - Dr Harold Jackal was a respected Surgeon by Day, but by night he financed his Gambling addiction by Grave Robbing (with his associate Mr Snyde) and selling the cadavers to Medical Students around London. One day they "crossed" the wrong people, poaching on another "businessman's" turf, and ended up as the very "product" they were selling . . . .

Dr Jackal (on the left) is from the Empire of the Dead Zombie Mob set, Mr Snyde was a West Wind Promo Zombie Miniature.

More as I finish them!