Saturday, 29 March 2014

Done/Not Done . . . . . .

Been kinda rough (again) with my health the last couple of days, so no real hobby work - assembled/cleaned up/based a few things - although I've decided my main Focus is going to be the classic RAFM Cthulhu range - I LOVE the sculpts so much. Still, some progress has been made hobby wise - just no painting!

Stuff I got Done -

Dark Young of Shub Niggurath - Cleaned Up/Assembled - Filling/Putty Work still to be Started.

Great Cthulhu - Cleaned Up/Assembled - Filling/Putty Work still to be Started.

Great Race of Yith - Cleaned Up/Assembled - Filling/Putty Work 90% Done.

Mythos Altar (a Fenris Piece) converted/filled - just need to sculpt/carve Elder Signs on the front - the back has the Derleth Elder Sign, undecided whether to go original or Derleth on the front.

Jobs to do Today (assuming I feel up to it when the household chores are finished) -

Tidy up Painting Area (its a mess atm).

Sort out old paints and wash pots out.


(Hopefully) start the Gravestones/Monoliths.

It's horrible (in a way) playing catch-up, as most of this stuff had been done prior to the fire that decimated my collection - but in another way, it's actually been fun!


  1. Progress is progress no matter what little steps are taken :)

  2. You've done more that me this weekend!