Saturday, 7 June 2014

Nightfolk Miniatures

Even though this is SUPPOSED to be my Horror Miniatures Blog, I'm posting it here (I might have to re-brand the thread actually LoL)

Being a HUGE fan of the "Castle Falkenstein" and the Amazing Engine "For Faerie, Queen and Country" RPG's I wanted to do something more "quant" for Empire of the Dead (and In Her Majesty's Name/1887 The Secret War)!

Linda (as usual) came to the rescue, and sorted me out! With a range that REALLY fits the bill - the Nightfolk range of Miniatures from Northumbrian Tin Soldier.

They turned up today, lovely stuff - perfect castings, no over the top flashing and no miscasts/defects - fantastic all! Thanks for Linda (for getting them for me, even though I was "ooing and aahing" about adding another range to my lead pile {mountain?}) and many thanks to David & Jayne (at Northumbrian Tin Soldier) for their fast shipping, and AMAZINGLY well wrapped (and very shexy) products!

Northumbrian Tin Soldier - Nightfolk Miniatures

AND wait till you see my Cast Notes for my 7TV/7th Voyage Mash-up ;) I've even got a Miniature for Jareth the Goblin King :D