Friday, 13 July 2018

A Town Called Malice . . . .

Well, colour me impressed!

Just a quick update, I've pottered around with the first Plast Craft building - make a few mistakes, learned a bit about the Material (these are press-cut PVC) - the Door and shuttered Window have been left off for painting.

Pros - Lighter than MDF, no burnt smell (no sneezing, the dust drives me crazy) and better texturing. Sure MDF are laser accurate - but unless you ponce with them putting the wood-grain ON (either painting more laminating wood onto them) they can look bland. CHEAP AS CHIPS!

Cons - As you assemble them using Superglue, Gel is better - I've make a couple of mistakes and had a right time shifting things around. They can warp, but are easily bent and postioned back into shape.

Overall, LOVE them - I'm a very happy Jackalope!

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