Thursday, 12 July 2018

Not only Birdies go Cheap . . . . .

The Next Problem will be Terrain - though I have a large collected of Old West Miniatures. As I only played with friends, most are a different scale - and I have no Terrain of my own (as I played at a Club). 

Dracula's America is a "side project" for me, or at least it will be to begin with - so the Terrain will have to look good to my eye and be reasonably priced.

I am not a huge fan of MDF Terrain, as the textures of the wood or never there. Scratch Building is never that satisfying for me either really, on the rare occassions I do scratch build I'm never happy with the final result, though others might "bill and coo" over it.

Resin would be ideal, but its hard to find these days - and when you do the prices are mental.

Then, I was on Ebay the other day - just searching through listings. I saw Wayland Games had some Plastcraft Wild West Buildings at £4.50 each, with free shipping on orders of £10+.

As I had £7.50 in vouchers too, I took advantage - they are solid looking, but have no detail.

I went through all the possible options in my head, even chatting to friends (HI DAVE! - HI CARL!) about it.

There were loads of suggestions from greenstuff and engraving details, laminating with wooden sticks etc - all of which were expensive (the buildings were cheap, I didn't want to lose that edge) and/or fiddly, and frankly a potential pain in the ass.

THEN after looking at my Worldworks and Whitewash City PDF's - it dawned on me, Self Adhesive Photo Paper and Wood Textures!

You can see from the unpainted pictures, they are lovely and sturdy - laminating the wood textures over the top should work a treat.

The Doors and Windows are resin, so I ONLY need to paint those elements!

Ive already sorted out a few textures I can use -

Those are the basic planking textures, two types - one fresher looking the other faded.

I've even coloured some for Building Frontages -

And downloaded a brick texture for the Sherrifs Office -

I imagine the Sheriffs Office being of sturdy construction, especially if theres a cell in there.

Then I sourced some Wanted Posters and Signage -
Now its just a case of waiting for the Buildings and the Photo Paper to arrive!

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