Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Return of the Living-Blog

Horror Gaming "waned" for me, my regular Gaming Buddies got caught up in other Systems and Game Worlds - and although we still played a few other Games, Horror Gaming went by the wayside for a while.

It's easily done, we all know its easily done - and so when Dracula's America first surfaced, it was easier for me to resist - as those I gamed with had no interest.

But the latest Nickstarter, for the Dracula's America Supplement "Forbidden Power" caught my attention - and all that changed.

You see, Forbidden Power adds in "Lovecraftian Horror into the mix (and my closest friends know my love of HP and his Worlds and Creatures) - I already have the first two Dracula's America Books, just because I can't play doesn't mean I can't read.

So I decided to take the plunge (in a small way) with the Nickstarter, to see if I liked it all enough.

By the time I had re-read the First Rulebook I was sold - and I managed to snake a Red Hand Coven Posse cheap off my friend's Brother who'd been given them - he'd messed up the basing something rotten, but it didn't take me long to clean them up PROPERLY base and undercoat them (this is the most hobby time FOR MYSELF that I've put in for a LONG time).

I decided on a Zenith Approach to the Undercoat, and plan to keep the colour scheme fairly simple - Blacks, Chocolate Browns, Purples, and Dark Reds.

But that wasn't enough (for me, it rarely is) as I had the Bulk of the Shadow Dragon Tong Posse (as I also backed the In Her Majesty's Name and A Fistful of Kung Fu Nickstarters) I had the start of another Posse ready and waiting.

I decided I wanted 3 or 4 "core" Posse's before jumping in with the Church of Dagon Posse (one of the new Posses included in the new Forbidden Power Supplement) - the Twilight Order Posse being another that was drawing my attention, BUT I WASN'T 100% sold on the pose of the Summoned Seraphim - but I really REALLY liked the one shown in pictures in the core Dracula's America Rulebook.

I MUCH preferred the dynamism of this model, and so I asked in the North Star Military Figures run Dracula's America Facebook Group "Does anyone know if the alt. sculpt Seraphim ever going to be made available, or was it Nickstarter only (I just prefer its more dynamic pose)". (I have to say, its a very friendly group too - I highly recommend it).

Lo and Behold, Nick Eyre (the owner of North Star Military Figures) pipes up and offers to cast up a limited number of NOT ONLY the Unreleased Seraphim - but also the promotional version of Southern Necromancer (luckily another member piped up and asked for it).

Suffice to say, I snapped up both for the future - and then I realized, the Twilight Order Posse were at a discount in the Store (as were the Chinese Rail Workers to complete my Dragon Tong Posse - so I placed an order for those too.

Now I wasn't expecting anything special here, treatment wise that is - it was my own doing that everything had been split over three orders. I'm not the type to bitch and whine, and so I was pleasantly surprised by North Star Military Figures Customer Service. As the Seraphim and Southern Necromancer were being cast up specially, and therefore delayed - they refunded one lot of shipping. So everything (my new Forbidden Power bits, the Resin Seraphim, and the Southerm Necromancer) arrived together. Thoughtful, on-the-ball customer service, WITHOUT being asked for help - thats fantastic!

All this has rekindled my enthusiasm for Empire of the Dead too, hence the "resurrection" of this Blog (if you will kindly pardon my attempt at humour).

Although I still have a lot to do elsewhere, hobby wise, work, and real-life. The hope is I can put finger to keyboard from time to time and ramble on about a subject I love.


  1. Good to see you back blogging, Drew, and what a cracking genre to return to. Big fan of “Dracula’s America” myself; albeit I’m miles behind painting up any posse to play it with.

    1. It felt really good to just waffle on, thanks for the support.

      I may crack on with some thoughts on Old Movies too.

  2. Glad to hear your story of Northstar Miniatures, I've ordered almost every Nickstarter for Frostgrave / Dracula's America & have always had good experiences!

    1. My group got burnt out of Frostgrave REALLY fast (we played it endlessly with games back to back) I regret selling all my stuff now LoL!

      Yes, NS ALWAYS seem to give good service.