Sunday, 22 July 2018

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly . . . .

My tiny "Nickstarter" Package arrived - and I couldn't be happier. The Forbidden Power Book is up to the same standard as the Previous Two Books (Shadows of the West & Hunting Grounds) and the rules and new Posse's mesh nicely into the existing Rules.

I've not included pictures of the pages out of respect for North Star Military Figures and Osprey Publishing, its a great book - you really should pick up a copy.

The included Posse Rules leaflet, was more interesting than I thought - The Kin, really deviant "squeel little piggy" mountain men with a Ghoulish Twist. I had initially dismissed this Posse as "not my cup of tea" but after reading the leaflet I'm more than interested, and will be ordering them after I get around to purchasing the Church of Dagon Posse and the Dark Confederate Posse (the two I want the most after the three I already own LoL). Out of respect for North Star Military Figures and Osprey Publishing, I've blurred out the rules (sorry, no spoilers - but they really are worth buying LoL).

The Tokens are really nice, good quality laser cut plastic - I have no issues with the choice of colours either. Also, I noticed none of the "stickeness" some people have commented on - mine were dry and clean.

I went for three Hired Guns too (and of course received the "free" Bukwus Water Spirit). All three (The Gravedigger, The Bounty Hunter, and The Eldritch Investigator) all resonated with me - and so were a must "early" buy.

The Bukwus Water Spirit is a gribbly little bugger, I'm really looking forward to painting my own. One of the strangest undead Spirits one might encounter in the Hunting Grounds, the Bukwus is the spirit of someone who drowned. They appear as a skeletal figure draped in river-weeds and constantly dripping water. Most horrifying of all is their ability to transform any living victim into a new Bukwus!

The Gravediggers of the Dark Confederacy have been corrupted by constant contact with the perverted necromantic magic. These haggard men and women can 'see' the many dead lying in their shallow graves beneath the cursed earth of the South.

Pragmatic and ruthless individuals, Bounty Hunters come from all walks of life and all have their own stories to tell. This Hired Gun can represent a grizzled Texas Ranger or scar-faced ex-Confederate Officer, amongst other diverse types!

These Selfless individuals encountered the denizens of the Eldritch Dimension and survived with their santity (mostly) intact. Since then, these men and women have dedicated themselfs to learning all the can about this ancient threat, whatever the risks - for the inevitable fate of an Eldritch Investigator is to end their days locked away in an Asylum . . . if they are lucky!

Overall, I love all of it - the printed materials are up to Ospreys usual standard - and North Star have surpassed themselves with everything else.

I'm a very happy gamer!

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