Friday, 13 July 2018

The Waiter in the Darkness

While I wait for my Nickstarter bits and Plastcraft Buildings (and Self Adhesive Printer Paper) to arrive, I've been pondering other options for terrain.

As this will all lead up to me the Dark Confederate Posse and the Church of Dagon Posse - it occurred to me that simple Old West Town Terrain wouldn't cut it for each and every game.

That something "swampy" from the Deep South would be a nice change of pace.

Base Boards (or gaming tables) have never been an issue for me - I used to make a LOT when I worked for Games Workshop, mostly just using random junk and crap too - and they always looked better than average (and done cheaply too).

Elements like trees and rocks can be created quite easily. Pinching a few "buff" style stone chippings when you are out and about sorts the larger rocks, (clean) Cat Litter for rubble and course ground, and Budgie Sand can be purchased quite cheaply (it gives a better and more random texture than any pricey hobby sand).

MAKE SURE your "borrowed" rocks are washed and dried properly. The best thing about these materials, is they take paint REALLY well - wheres some of the "sold for purpose" hobby materials really don't. They are not only expensive for what they are, they can chip like crazy. When it comes to Rock/Cat Litter/Sand - NEVER spray undercoat, always wash undercoat in several layers. The Rocks/Cat Litter/Sand absorbs the paint - this aids in the longievety of your terrain - if bits chip/flake off, your terrain is still the base colour underneath . . . .

Swamp Trees can be made easily, get some "branchy" looking twigs - wash and dry them out (an airing cupboard is good for this), if you are lucky the bark will crack and split in areas (it looks immense).

Get some Moss, the stuff they use for lining Garden Baskets and Pots - drape/lay clumps and strands here and there, PVA them in place - return to the airing cupboard for a few days to dry out.

Once fully dry, hot glue them to your basing of choice and seal them with matt varnish (this stops any unwanted smells LoL) - when the varnish is dry, you can then wash and drybrush them strategically to give them more vibrance and depth.

A last touch, you can then glue on clumps and tufts of static grass and/or Lichen Moss (Reindeer Moss) as desired, to really "pimp" your Trees.

Lollipop Sticks or Coffee Stirers can be used to make run down ramshackle fencing, the picture shows a "cog" - but if you imagine that with a Cartwheel instead, it instantly becomes suitable for deep south/bayou-style terrain for Dracula's America. Dress the basing with dried twigs or plant fronds, and some grass tufs - and use gloss varnish in areas on the finished piece to give it that damp and swampy look.

Now, time to muse on quick and easy buildings LoL!